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This is an online marks percentage calculator, which deserve to be offered to measure the percent of marks obtained in an examination. One is to get in the marks that they have scored in addition to the total marks to uncover their portion in the examination.

This test Marks percent Calculator is beneficial for school students and also college student so that they might keep track of the overall percentage scores. Percent is the number expressed together a fraction of 100. So let"s start, just how to find the portion of marks? v example:

20/100 x 100 = dubbed as 20 percent = 20% 50/100 x 100 = dubbed as 50 percent = 50% 80/100 x 100 = referred to as as 80 percent = 80% 90/100 x 100 = dubbed as 90 percent = 90% 91/100 x 100 = referred to as as 91 percent = 91% 100/100 x 100 = referred to as as 100 percent = 100%

How come Calculate portion of marks?

A percent is a number that is expressed together a portion of 100. Below the calculation percentage is explained. In order to uncover the percentage of the marks, we division the full scores v marks derived in the examination and then main point the result with 100.

Example: suppose if 1156 is the full score obtained by friend in the examination out of 1200 marks, then you divide 1156 through 1200, and also then multiply it by 100. portion of point out =(1156/1220) x 100 Percentage= 0.9633 x 100 Therefore, the percentage of marks acquired is 96.3%

Important Conversions

convert into portion Procedure (Multiply through 100) convert from portion Procedure (divide by 100)
fraction to Percentage Step 1: multiply the fraction with 100 Percentage right into fraction Step 1: divide the portion by 100 and also reduce.

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Decimal to Percentage Step 1: refer the number together a fraction Step 2: main point the fraction with 100 Percentage right into Decimal Step 1: Divide portion by 100 & reduce. Step 2: convert the portion into a decimal
ratio to percentage Step 1: to express the number together a portion Step 2: main point the fraction with 100 Percentage right into Ratio Step 1: Divide percentage by 100 & reduce. Step 2: Convert portion into a ratio
herbal number to portion Step 1: express the number as a portion Step 2: multiply the portion with 100 Percentage into a herbal number Step 1: division the percentage by 100 and reduce. Step 2: If the denominator is one climate the result is a organic number.

Percentage Formula


The percent formula is offered to find the lot or re-superstructure of miscellaneous in regards to 100. In the easiest form, percent way per hundred. Portion formula is used, to express a number between zero and one. It is a number represented as a fraction of 100. Denoted by the prize = %, the percentage is usually used to compare and find the ratios.

The Percentage Formula is provided as,

The id of portion is supplied so the one can measure the tendency of value v respect come the initial value. This has actually a large application in companies while lock compute your profit and loss percentage. Percentage specifies the proportion of any type of value come a totality value multiplied by 100. Percent is denoted through “%”

How to calculate the portion of a Number?

Generally, the number that room to be converted right into percentage are offered in 2 formats.

Decimal kind – If the number is offered in decimal format, the becomes fairly easy to uncover the percentage. To acquire the percentage, we simple have to main point the offered number through 100. Example: the offered number is 0.45. To convert into a percentage, 0.45 * 100 = 45% portion form: If the number given is in the spring form, we an initial convert it into decimal value by dividing the top value by the full value and then multiply v 100.

By utilizing this portion formula, it becomes simple to know exactly how to calculation the portion of marks, discount etc.

suppose there space 150 student in class 10th. 75 the them space boys. Find the percent of boys in the class 10th?

full students in the class=150 guys in the course = 75 percentage of the guys in the class = (75 ⁄ 150) × 100 = (7500 ⁄ 150) = 50%

How can we calculation the portion of marks obtained?

A percent is a number the is shown in terms of 100.To discover the percentage of the point out obtained, one shall division the full scores by marks obtained and then multiply the result with 100.

Example: If 79 is the score derived in the examination out of 100 marks, then division 79 by 100, and then main point it by 100.

Solution:It way that,Percentage of point out = (79/100) x 100Percentage= 0.79 x 100Therefore, the percent of marks obtained is 79%

how to calculate portion of 12th course marks? or

how to calculate percentage of marks of 10th class

The following formula will aid you come calculate your marks obtained in class 10th or 12th.

Percentage = (Sum the the marks scored in all the Subjects(out the 100)/Sum the the Maximum clues of every subjects) x 100You score 487/500 point out

Solution: The sum of Marks score in all the topics =487 The sum of Maximum clues of all subjects =500 Therefore, her 10th or 12th Percentage=(487/500)x100 =97.4%

If you take place to have second subject climate you must add that subject additionally as the sixth subject and then calculate the percent for 6 subjects.

How plenty of marks do one percentage?

In order to calculation the portion for any marks you require to understand the total marks. Therefore, if the file we space speakingis indistinguishable to 100 marks overall then her 1% of the full marks will be = 1 % of 100 marks=1 / 100 X 100 = 1 markNote the if the worth of full marks changes then the worth of the 1 % will also readjust accordingly.

Example: total variety of marks = 500 1% the 500 clues =1/ 100 X 500 = 5 marks

exactly how do you calculate mean marks?

The median test score obtained is the amount of every the scores divided by the number of test-takers. for example: suppose 3 students take it a test and also received scores the 69, 87, and 92,

Solution: mean marks= (69+87+92 ) / 3 =248/ 3 =82.66Teachers and also many specialists might use this average method to monitor the price at i m sorry the course is finding out the material. Teachers additionally use this technique to estimate exactly how a student"s scores, and then ar them in accordingly to the rest of the class. This plays an essential role particularly for college student with learning disabilities.

exactly how to calculate SSC percentage?

as with how we calculated the marks percent above, the similar method has come be supplied here. To discover the percentage, we shall division the complete scores with the point out obtained and then main point the result with 100. Percentage of overall Scored marks = (Scored point out /Out that marks)×100 Example:A student scored 175 the end of 200. Find his test Marks Percentage

Solution:= 175 / 200×100= 87.5 %

Comparing amounts using percent

While compare quantities and marks , the easiest means to carry out so is to transform all the numbers into one usual unit.Percentage wake up to be the perfect fit here since all quantities can be converted right into percentage and comparing becomes lot easy and practical. Stop take an example to understand this object better.

Example: let save A sell 200 t shirts the end of 400 and store B market 30 bag of shoes out of 50. That had more sales?

Solution: as we deserve to see here, the amounts are different and also there is no other way to compare them otherthan convert them right into percentage.

Percentage that A = 200/ 400 * 100 = 0.5*100 = 50%

Percentage that B= 30/50 *100 = 0.6* 100 = 60%

We can quickly see that the save B had more sales than store A.

Example: mean Ria score 39 the end of 50 in maths and also 58 the end of 70 in physics. Wherein did she score better?

Solution: portion of marks score in maths= 39/ 50*100= 0.78*100 = 78%

percentage of marks score in physics = 58/70*100 =0.82*100 =82%

What is the Difference in between Percentage & Fraction?

Percentage and fractions are really closely related but have a major difference. A fraction is as soon as a 2 units are dividedand a resultant represents a part of the whole. Meanwhile, percentage is once the fraction is multiplied by 100.

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Example: percentage of marks scored in maths= 39/ 50*100 = 0.78 39/50 is a portion whose resultant is 0.78 i beg your pardon is a component of the whole. Once we main point this 0.78 by 100 we gain 78% .


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