Christmas is coming ever nearer, and the undisputed best component of the vacation season (besides family time, presents and tons that pie) is the music. Holiday songs have been pour it until it is full people"s minds and also hearts for hundreds of years, and have become an ext than a tradition.

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From "The Christmas Song" come "O holy Night" come "The small Drummer Boy," standard Christmas carols have become a major part that the vacation season and worked their methods into family members life and popular culture. Thus, old Christmas favorites, which have some that the warmest clues in our hearts, get constant re-imaginings and also covers from all of music"s significant players.

But what execution of every the Christmas songs room the best? We below at Music Timesare determined to discover out. And, together a component of the 12 days of Christmas, we"ll it is in counting under the days (and the ideal Christmas songs).

Just eight days continue to be until Christmas, and since this collection is title after the 12 days of Christmas, how about we look at the timeless carol based off the can be fried Christmas countdown? originally written as a timeless carol in the 18th century, "The Twelve days of Christmas" has an unknown beginning (thought to be from France or England) and also has come to be a significant holiday player end the years. With cumulative lyrics, the song has actually lent itself to numerous parodies and covers end the years.

However, who has actually done the song the most justice? Let us count the ways...

8. Bob & Doug McKenzie

Recorded for the sketch comedy show SCTVin 1982, rick Moranis and also Dave thomas acted as their characters Bob and Doug McKenzie for this muddled variation of "The Twelve days of Christmas." because it is a comedy sketch at its core, the characters can"t fairly keep monitor of the work exactly, questioning for points such together french toast, gold tooks and a beer in a tree.

7. Burl Ives

Burl Ives was one of the an initial popular artist to do a classic cover the "The Twelve job of Christmas" and did therefore in 1951. His sheathe is perfectly straightforward, which in reality fits for this old college song. Together always, Ives" smooth as silk voice gives this tune a touch that"s just as golden as those five rings in the song.

6. Perry Como

Like Ives before him, Perry Como gave "The Twelve days of Christmas" a straightforward cover. However, his deeper voice offers the track a stronger backbone. In bespeak to save the song from feeling stale, Como resorted to invoking back-up singers and also choirs to sign up with him because that this cumulative track, and also that"s constantly a solid call. If you"re searching for a classical version the this song, there"s tiny need come look any type of further.

5. Twisted sister ("Heavy metal Christmas")

Just in instance you to let go it, hair metal band Twisted Sister to reduce a vacation album A Twisted Christmasin 2006, and also it"s easy to understand awesome. To close out the record, Dee Snider and co. Videotaped a re-imaging of "The Twelve days Christmas" filled with steel references. The tape receives together rocking gifts like skull earrings, a tattoo that Ozzy Osbourne and also some black color mascara. Hell yeah.

4. Jeff Foxworthy ("Redneck 12 work of Christmas")

OK, so Jeff Foxworthy"s redneck schtick might be a small old by 2013, yet there"s no denying that his version of "The Twelve work of Christmas" isn"t silly. Someone unable to do done went to the Walmart and picked Foxworthy up part wonderfully white garbage gifts. There"s "wrastling" tickets, probation, SPAM, flannel shirts and "some parts to a Mustang GT." Ain"t naught wrong v laughing in ~ that.

3. Bob Rivers ("The Twelve ache of Christmas")

So, together Christmas comes closer and also closer, there"s no denying that past all the joy and love this season brings, there"s also a same amount that annoyances. Bon Rivers certain nailed the worst things about December in his "The Twelve ache of Christmas." Because, let"s it is in real, who doesn"t desire to complain around hangovers, crying children, overspending and also more. Plus, the means this song builds and also builds is pure comedic brilliance.

2. I get it Whittaker

Perry Como and Burl Ives" classic takes ~ above this carol are totally fine standards, but British singer-songwriter i get it Whitaker actually nailed "The Twelve job of Christmas" much better than anyone else out there. His vocals are as rich and also refined together anything else out there, and also like any type of solid version of the song, he incorporates choirs and also backup singers come shake things up.

1. John Denver & The Muppets

Christmas simply wouldn"t be Christmas there is no the Muppets, and John Denver"s classic holiday album through everyone"s favourite furry creatures is a true standard. There"s part awesome "meeping," the perfectly placed Miss Piggy top top "five golden rings" and also the jolly guitar provides this the perfect mix of miscellaneous funny and traditional, and also this variation is always a pure happiness to hear this time that year.

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