Located in between 54th and also 55th Streets, this Emery Roth & Sons-designed space contains 2 million square feet throughout 50 stories. 2021 will deliver an ext than $100 million in capital improvements and renovation. New improvements lug a hold of unrivaled experiences consisting of an AR enhanced public art activation, outdoor space that consists of unique luxury dining, a world-class amenity facility
Ease1345 design by David Rockwell, and a soon-to-be-announced tenant app. The building’s durable amenity package, complete with city hall style conference capabilities, on-site food and beverage and coworking amenities, carry out additional space flexibility and also efficiency, while better supporting the demands of the tenants.

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1345 boasts fabulous views of main Park, one on-site garage, modern security, and also close proximity come Fortune 500 neighbors and some that the city’s finest hotels and restaurants. The surrounding Fisher Park, a renewed public space, provides a new mural, Falcon Dreaming by Vexta for a minute of respite and repose. Retailers encompass Blue Bottle, quality Bistro, and Wagamama.


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Leasing Information:

Marc Packman

Managing Director, Head that Leasing


Year created variety of Floors complete Rentable Area Floor size Floor load structure Security
1,998,994 rentable sq. Ft.
27,638 come 44,021 rentable sq. Ft.
50 lb./sq. Ft.
Certified Fire safety and security Directors (most retired regulation enforcement officers) room on duty 24 hours a day. Building access is regulated by Fisher Brothers to work guards who supervise a mechanism of optical turnstiles activated by proximity identifier cards. Surveillance tools monitors task in the lobby, elevators, roughly the perimeter of the property and in the Loading Dock.

Ceiling Heights column Spacing Elevators Exterior end up electrical Telecommunications
12'1\" come 14'11\"
North/South - 23'6\", East/West - 26'5\"
30 Schindler gearless passenger elevators, 1 convenience elevator, 4 freight elevators, 1 devoted service elevator between the 49th and 50th floors
Curtain wall surface construction v duranodic aluminum finish and 1/2 inch spandrel glass.
Provided through Con Edison by to be of six 5000 ampere electric services. Lease gives for 6 watt/usable sq. Ft. Strength is spread from two electrical closets on each floor.

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Providers encompass Zayo Group, AT&T/Teleport communications Group, Cablevision/Lightpath, Cogent, irradiate Tower, Level 3, Time Warner Cable and also Verizon Business.

ease1345 boutique meeting and also event meet - opened Summer 2020 SOM draft Lobby & location Elevators Blue Bottle Wagamama Quality Bistro New Plaza and also Park finish Summer 2020 Ziegfeld Ballroom Spectacular views of main Park
Accenture AllianceBernstein
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria First Eagle invest Management
Fortress invest Group General Motors
Ion Trading Linklaters
MacKay Shields McGuireWoods
Peter J. Solomon Company Ziegfield Ballroom
Global framework Partners


Guided by Fisher Brothers’ irreversible investment strategy, 1345 way of the Americas’ best-in-class engineering team and constantly modernized structure equipment preserve a high traditional of efficiency and a focus on the future. Efficiency upgrades to day have brought about a nearly 20% energy usage reduction. Fisher brother believes that efficient building operations are key to law our component for the environment while permitting us to provide the highest level of lull to our tenants.