DETROIT – Red always gets attention and it wasn’t any different through the 2005 Honda civic EX unique Edition.

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During a week-long check drive, anywhere I parked the Honda EX coupe, somebody, most times the was much more than one passerby, would avoid to acquire a look in ~ the Rallye Red Coupe.

What made the special Edition one-of-a-kind was that premium audio mechanism that consisted of an in-dash six disc CC change, MP3 capability, and also an assistant jack for plugin portable music devices including satellite radio receivers.

My test automobile was truly because that the young or the young at heart. The sound system, through its 13-band analyzer to be kicking.

The unique Edition package also included a leather wrapped steering wheel, exclude, 15-inch alloy wheels, a sizable human body colored soup spoiler, and of course one-of-a-kind edition badging. Just call the EX unique Edition a tiny jazzing increase of what is a pretty great basic car.

My test automobile was powered by 1.7-liter 4 cylinder engine the made 127 horsepower and also 114 pounds-feet that torque. It was mated come four-speed automatically transmission. I discovered this power train much more than enough for a small car the weighed a little bit more than 2,600 pounds.

Acceleration to be good, permitting me pass without too lot of a trouble on expressways here. However, the couple of times i really pressed on the gas, the engine, as will most 4 cylinders, revved loudly. Still, i never acquired the emotion that the car was underpowered.

The journey was really good. More and more, I’ve been impressed with the ride and also handling that today’s tiny cars. In the case of the Civic, that featured a MacPherson strut suspension in the front and also a dual wishbone setup in the rear. The car likewise had stabilizer bars fore and aft. Lock undoubtedly assisted keep the car relatively flat in part aggressive turns I made.

I uncovered the front-wheel drive civic balanced. By that I mean I feel no talk steer during cornering. And tracking to be dead center. Equipped v rack and pinion steering, the civic EX unique edition responded promptly to steering wheel input. Turns were specific and effortless.

Safety features included anti-lock brakes, remote entry device and dual stage wait bags because that both driver and passenger. Interior features contained air condition, a 12-volt strength outlet, cruise control and also power windows and also locks. Mine test vehicle was also equipped with a moonroof through tilt feature.

The public is a certified Ultra short Emissions Vehicle and under common conditions, Honda said that it demands no scheduled tune-up because that the an initial 110,000 miles.

And in these times the two-dollar-per-gallon gasoline, i think it important to keep in mind that the civic had a 31 mpg rating for the city and also 39 mpg rating for the highway. It had a miserly estimated annual fuel price of $794. However, it no say at what price every gallon the estimate was made.

The public is a small car and also with doors it no all the easy gaining into the ago seats. The front passenger seat immediately slid forward to do it much easier getting in the ago but that was not the situation for the driver’s seat. As soon as in the earlier seat, leg room to be okay however head room was snug. Still, the behind seat an are was how amazing spacious – for a compact car.

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I discovered the Honda public EX unique Edition to it is in a very capable practical sporty tiny car aimed in ~ the young and single. And with a sticker the $18,875, the was an extremely affordable.