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With the ushering in of a brand-new NFL season comes the beginning of every one of our fantasy football leagues. That is fantasy breeze season, with many of the drafts occurring this week, and that way that you need to come up v the wittiest team surname in your league. This is the most crucial thing, because unlike injuries or players the don"t live as much as the hype, the funny team surname is the only thing that you in reality have regulate over that deserve to leave you v some bragging rights. Here are some of the best we have seen leading into this season.

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Wilfork on very first Date


I apologize if this picture will provide you nightmares.

Edward Forte Hands


We room a website focused mostly approximately nightlife, ~ all. For this reason we had actually to litter something drinking related in here.

Abdullah Oblongota

Anyone who has actually seen The Waterboy to know what a medulla oblongata is. And anyone who hasn"t seen The Waterboy, we have the right to never be friends.

Bortles Kombat


This was a standard game from my childhood, ns couldn"t leave it turn off the list.

Gotta record Jamaal


Because Pokemon Go.

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Flacco Seagulls


This is among those names the isn"t the funny till you watch the photo that goes along with it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles


For some reason Blake Bortles has a name the invokes all of the an excellent parts of my childhood. Go Jags?