The "way too early" mock draft, looking ahead to the following season, is constantly something fun, comes out simply a work or 2 after the actual draft. Today, we look earlier at two of those projections from critical

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anyone is concentrated on tonight"s begin of the 2016 NFL Draft, a process that will be spread out over 3 days and also seven rounds. By the end of the process, most fans and experts will be trying to number out precisely how the draft course fits with the individual teams. There is, however, an additional post that comes in ~ a work or 2 of the end of the breeze that constantly gets part attention.

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It"s the "way also early" mock breeze for next year.

Come Sunday or Monday, us will already be seeing the mock drafts because that the 2017 NFL Draft. Some people will complain, saying it offer no purpose. Some human being will enjoy getting an early look at some prospects. And some civilization will completely ignore it. No matter what, though, they will be posted.

Which bring up an idea (...that i am stealing indigenous Niners Nation"s David Fucillo). Why not take a look ago at the 2016 means too beforehand mock bilder from Todd McShay and Dan Kadar.

Immediate thoughts from both mock drafts:

Quarterback changes:
Kadar projected 3 quarterbacks come land in the first round: Cardale Jones, Christian Hackenberg, and Connor Cook. McShay had Hackenberg going first overall, with chef second. He additionally had Cook and also Jared Goff in the first round. In reality, it appears Goff is the only one of those four players who will it is in selected tonight, through Carson Wentz and Paxton Lynch additionally in the mix. Jaylon Smith: Smith is a gigantic question note hanging end this Draft. He is a player who McShay has actually said would be his number one prospect if not for the devastating injury that might make him unable to pat football again. McShay had actually him 24th in the way too early mock last year when Kadar had him gift selected seventh. There space still rumors the he can be selected as beforehand as the 2nd round (with a couple of mentions as a feasible late first-round pick), yet Smith is going come fall, and whichever team does select him is acquisition a risk. Familiar names in ~ the top of the drafts: Despite being made a year out, there actually room a the majority of the same names near the top of the method too beforehand mocks as space at the top of the mocks coming the end today. Joey Bosa, Vernon Hargreaves, Ronnie Stanley, and also Jalen Ramsey could all be peak 10 picks this year, and those to be the top four selections because that Kadar. He likewise has Laremy Tunsil, Ezekiel Elliott, Taylor Decker, in the top half of the Draft, all of which could happen. Together for McShay, ~ Hackenberg and also Cook, he had actually Bosa, Tunsil, Hargreaves, Goff, and also Stanely every in the optimal ten picks. The next five players must all be very first round selections together well, through Decker, Ramsey, Laquon Treadwell, Jack Conklin, and also Elliott.

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Miami dolphin selections:

McShay: 29th as whole pick - Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama - Yes, McShay (and football Outsiders that projected the records) had Miami making a deep operation in the playoffs v an 11-5 record. Instead, they perfect 6-10 and were 8th in its entirety until they traded ago to the 13th position. Interestingly, that does have Miami adding a running back, among their top demands this year, and also if the team renders a move up come land Elliott, or if he somehow falls earlier to them at 13, McShay will have at least projected the right position for Miami.Kadar: 14th as whole pick - Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama - Okay, to be it noticeable after the draft in 2015 the Miami required to add a to run back? did everyone recognize Lamar Miller was going to leaving the team? What is up v this? Kadar likewise picked Miami to include Henry and nearly nailed your draft place (using the Super key odds for 2016 together the breeze order). Again, if Miami walk land Elliott, Kadar will have actually picked the right place for Miami.

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