Less than one month after placing the finishing touch on the program’s an initial winning season because 2008, wake up Forest and coach Dave Clawson announced their upcoming 2017 football schedule ~ above Tuesday afternoon.

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The Deacons will open up the season with a home game versus Presbyterian on Thursday, Aug. 31, before beginning ACC play just nine days later on with a trip to Chestnut Hill, Mass., to take on Boston college on Sept. 9.

Competing in the ACC’s Atlantic Division, Wake forest will travel to play defending national champion Clemson top top Oct. 7, just three weeks before hosting 2016 Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson and also the Louisville Cardinals top top Oct. 28.

In enhancement to house games against Presbyterian and Louisville, the Deacons will hold Utah State (Sept. 16) and Florida State (Sept. 30) prior to finishing the 2017 schedule through back-to-back house games versus N.C. State and also Duke ~ above Nov. 18 and also Nov. 25, respectively.

Those teams — Boston College, Appalachian State, FSU, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Louisville and also NC State — perfect 7-1 in postseason play, consisting of Clemson’s wins over Ohio State and also Alabama in the university Football Playoffs.

“I think the ACC confirmed what kind of football conference it is in 2016 v a nationwide championship,” Clawson claimed in a press release. “And the Atlantic department of the ACC is as hard as any department in college football. This is a daunting schedule but one that we look forward to playing.”

After opening the road part of its schedule against Boston College, Wake woodland will head as much as Boone to play Appalachian State ~ above Sept. 23 for its 2nd road video game of the season.

It will certainly be the very first time in program background the Deacons have actually played at Kidd-Brewer Stadium, through the ahead 22 meetings following at BB&T Field. Wake woodland holds a 14-7-1 series edge end the Mountaineers, which includes a 20-10 win in the many recent matchup throughout the 2001 season.

While 3 of Wake’s an initial four gamings will be versus teams external the ACC, the Deacons execute not complete the nonconference section of your schedule till the an initial weekend in November, as soon as they take on Notre Dame in southern Bend, Ind., ~ above Nov. 4.

Former wake Forest defensive coordinator Mike Elko, who operated under Clawson because that the previous three seasons, is currently the protective coordinator at Notre Dame.

Following a stretch the six gamings in six weeks to open up the season, Wake woodland will have actually its turn off week in ~ the exact midpoint the the season on Saturday, Oct. 14. The farewell week guarantee the Deacons have actually two weeks to prepare because that Georgia Tech and also its triple-option offense before their meeting in Atlanta ~ above Oct. 21.

Wake woodland plays its last road video game on Nov. 11 in ~ Syracuse, which will be the seventh meeting between the 2 programs. The Deacons defeated Syracuse 28-9 last year in Winston-Salem, helping Wake forest get off to a 5-1 start before ultimately ending the 2016 season 7-6.

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Wake woodland 2017 soccer schedule

Aug. 31 vs. Presbyterian

Sept. 9 in ~ Boston College

Sept. 16 vs. Utah State

Sept. 23 in ~ Appalachian State

Sept. 30 vs. Florida State

Oct. 7 in ~ Clemson

Oct. 14 OPEN

Oct. 21 at Georgia Tech

Oct. 28 vs. Louisville

Nov. 4 at Notre Dame

Nov. 11 in ~ Syracuse

Nov. 18 vs. N.C. State

Nov. 25 vs. Duke




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After two tight football gamings on the road — one featuring a 70-point outburst by the Wake forest offense versus Army critical weekend — the No. …

Peahead Walker, the eternal answer to trivia questions concentrated on Wake woodland football history, has actually reared his i can not forget head again.

It’s November, and we deserve to officially talk about college football’s national championship and also include Wake forest in the discussion.

Is every the nationwide attention an excellent for wake up Forest? Yes and also no, yet the football team is prepared to take care of it

wake up Forest"s route to the university Football Playoff? It"s crazy and chaotic, yet it just could work.

A perfect season because that Wake woodland is tho possible. And a path to the university Football Playoff can be within reach.

Spread slim defensively and fighting to remain ahead top top Saturday, wake Forest found itself in a acquainted place.