ADC-East Arkansas local is for State prison offenders sentenced as much as twelve months.

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All prisons and also jails have Security or Custody levels relying on the inmate’s classification, sentence, and criminal history. Please review the rules and regulations for State - short facility.

If you room unsure of your inmate"s location, you have the right to search and locate her inmate by inputting in your last name, very first name or first initial, and/or the offender i would number to get their specific information immediately Registered Offenders

Arkansas DOC - east Arkansas local Unit straightforward information to help guide you v what you can do for her inmate when they are incarcerated. The facility"s direct contact number: 870-295-4700

The inmates housed at ADC-East Arkansas local situated at 326 Lee Rd in Brickeys, AR are put according to their custody level (determined by a number of factors consisting of the previous criminal history and the length of their sentence). There room ample educational and vocational training programs for all inmates, particularly ones that display a willingness come learn brand-new things that will certainly prepare them because that a better life when they room released. The mission is come promote and also prepare the offender to leave in much better shape than as soon as they arrived, providing them the ideal chance to never come back and thus lower the state"s recidivism rate.

The east Arkansas regional Unit is one Arkansas room of Correction state jail in unincorporated Lee County, AR about 17 miles southeast that Forrest City. This facility is among the state"s parent systems for processed male inmates and serves for the early assignment v a capacity of 1,432 inmates. Operations include jail operations, education, problem abuse therapy program, canine unit, field crops, and local maintenance.

ADC - east Arkansas local Unit - Inmate Handbook

Operations: agriculture - row Crops, Garden, Field, and Edible Crops; Chaplaincy Services; GED Program/Central Arkansas Baptist holy bible Institute; Grounds Maintenance; Industry; jail Operation; Life skills Program; regional Maintenance; problem Abuse education (SAE); Think heritage Program; and Vo-Tech

Inmate telephone - Inmates are detailed with coinless telephones during set hours of use. Inmates can only make collect calls to pre-approved numbers. Inmates cannot have cellular phones or call cards. Inmates have the right to lose their telephone privileges because that disciplinary reasons. Each unit has its own telephone policy, for this reason please inspect with the specific unit for details hours the use.

Tobacco policy - Inmates room not permitted to have any type of kind the tobacco. This policy prohibits inmates from own “any smoking cigarettes or smokeless tobacco product.” If one inmate does have tobacco, that is taken into consideration contraband and also the inmate will be disciplined. Visitors and also employees need to leave every tobacco products in their vehicle. Happen tobacco assets into a basic will result in lose of visitation privileges.

Synthetic drugs - synthetic drugs are well-known by numerous names (Spice, bathtub salts, K2, and also Molly to name a few), and are legally offered in the community as incense or other commodities "not meant for human being consumption" but have an alternative use to develop a high similar to that felt as soon as using marijuana, amphetamines or LSD. The difficulty is the each batch of these drugs has different chemicals definition each batch can produce different impacts some of which deserve to be life-threatening. For more information, please click on the adhering to link.

Arkansas DOC - east Arkansas local Unit is a facility in the Arkansas room of Corrections. The DOC posting the name of their existing inmates and also identifies i m sorry of their locations the inmate is gift held. Your search should start through the very first DOC locator to check out if her loved one is there. Begin with the very first three letter of the offender"s very first and last name, that does not need to be assignment exactly.

The second box is the Inmate Search. This database of inmates is user-generated content for the function of accessing and utilizing any type of or all of the services. If you need our assistance producing your very own inmate file to store in touch, email us at aid and also we will help you in locating your inmate.

As a last resort, you can have to pay because that that info if we do not have it. The Arrest document Search will expense you a tiny amount, but their data is the freshest accessible and for that reason, they fee to accessibility it.

Due come the COVID-19 public health and wellness emergency, in-person visits to inmates/residents will be do by pre-approved individuals only. Immediate, adult family members might submit requests for visitation appointments. Please closely review the new VISITATION RULES. Amendment In-Person Visitation throughout the COVID-19 Public health and wellness Emergency.

The following restrictions will certainly be placed:

Each offender will be restricted to two (2) adult visitors (immediate family only).Visitation will be by appointment only and restricted to one (1) hour in length.Visitors will certainly be prohibited from using the restroom, except for one emergency.All visitors must remain in their vehicles exterior the facility until 15 minutes before their booked visitation.Visitors will certainly wear a challenge mask once they leave their vehicle. Upon completion of the facility’s enntrance gate procedures, every visitor will be issued a mask which will certainly be worn for the term of your visit.All inmates/residents will wear a face mask during visitation.Vending machine and concession sales are prohibited.

Entry will be minimal to any type of person who meets any kind of one the the following screening criteria:

No temperature the 100.4 F or higher as measure by the facility;No confident test for COVID-19 in ~ the last fourteen (14) calendar days;No fever of 100.4 F or above within the last 24 hours;No worsening of various other symptoms the COVID-19 in ~ the critical 24 hours, with other symptoms the COVID-19 including without limitation cough, shortness that breath, sore throat, or the ns of taste or smell; andNo close contact within the last fourteen (14) calendar days with a human who is confident with COVID-19, with a close contact being call within 6 (6) feet for longer than fifteen minute without appropriate PPE.

Any visitor who violates the complying with visitation rules will have actually visitation privileges revoked because that 1 year. Visits will certainly be monitored to observe adherence to these conditions.

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Visitation Appointment request Form
Visiting hours for Arkansas DOC - eastern Arkansas regional Unit. For Directions speak to 870-295-4700

Sunday 8:00 to be - 3:00 pmMonday 8:00 to be - 9:00 pmTuesday 8:00 to be - 9:00 pmWednesday 8:00 am - 9:00 pmThursday 8:00 am - 9:00 pmFriday 8:00 am - 9:00 pmSaturday 8:00 am - 3:00 pmFederal Holidays 8:00 to be - 3:00 pm

No cellphones, you will be searched before visiting. NO personal belongings. Persons under probation, parole, or other neighborhood corrections supervision must obtain the permission of both your individual supervising officer and the superintendent prior to a visit. Such visitation is not normally approved.

If the visitor is under the age of 18 and is a family member that the inmate, they need to be attach by one adult family member or guardian to encompass a member the the inmate"s extended family. If the visitant is under the age of 18 and is not a family members member the the inmate, the young visitor need to be attach by a parent or guardian.