So it’s somewhat common to acquire stuck within walls, where the just escape is to restart the lobby. In SR if you acquire stuck in a wall, you lose your rewards. If you were to die instead, you can at least finish the shard and get come the chests.Could the creator(s) password in a “suicide” option? It appears to be for this sole purpose yet would it is in useful. Apologies if this has actually been carried up before, but I’m salty about losing loot and progress as result of a bug in game and also would favor a feaure to help anyone who may run into the exact same issue

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Not certain why you posted in the Grim Internals device thread since that would have no bearing on your problem.

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What skill/s room you using as soon as you gain stuck? have actually you tried teleporting out and back again?

Oh it was more a ide for the mode to add and i didn’t view a thread for suggestions. Gaining stuck in walls is relatively common in staircases everywhere and also I never mind because of being able come TP the end or reset by going earlier to key menu. But in SR you can not TP out, and if you walk to key menu friend reset progress. Friend don’t lose progress if you dice though (though time bonuses are lost), so was hoping because that it together a little feature for this very details problem offered that a suicide attribute is in the majority of other games.

I either supplied Vire’s can or Glyph that the Pouncing Manticore and got grounding in the geometry that a staircase (that age-old bug) and was hard stuck, not sure what you can do v that info tbh. It was additionally the set of stairs in the Lone Watch, in case you ask the quesiton next.

Edit: I also had for sure no idea that runs stuff below so i didn’t want to DM everyone awkwardly


Getting grounding in walls is fairly common in staircases everywhere

Things favor that taken place to me a few times in the past however I reported those places and also Crate addressed it, never happened again.So following time you obtain stuck, do a screenshot and also post the in the an insect reports subforum for this reason the devs have the right to see what’s going on and eventually resolve it.


So following time you gain stuck, make a screenshot and post it in the bug reports subforum so the devs deserve to see what’s going on and eventually resolve it.


I’d quite we resolve the problem than add in bandaid solutions.

Well climate why not both? Seems like there’ll always be locations this happens, it’s nice to have the prompt temporary settle for instances like these.I don’t know much about programming so I’ll apologise for my ignorance, but it seemed prefer a “suicide” alternative wouldn’t take lot coding or effort so to be surprised it wasn’t a feature. Again apologies if it is in reality very challenging and more nuanced than that, however most games I deserve to think of have a “kill” command in the console together a level default feature

Well for starters, “suicide” no so effective in Hardcore. And if it skimped the rules of Hardcore, it would be abusable.

Frankly, i can’t think of countless games whereby this is a default feature.

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most games I can think of have a “kill” command in the console together a level default feature

If through “most games” you median games based upon the Quake engine (eg. Contact of Duty series), then yes they have actually a “kill” command come respawn the player in ~ the start of the level. Other than that, over there aren’t plenty of games that have this option. The just other video game engine I have the right to think that that has actually something comparable is the creation Engine (Fallout/Elder Scrolls series). Most games I recognize don’t have any type of option favor that in ~ all, and don’t really require it one of two people


I chosen the systems in Postal 2. Probably not applicable to GD engine. Once player to be stuck, video game somehow detected it and also automatically teleported that a few meters come a safe spot. It was accompanied by funny notifications:Looks favor you’re stuck *teleport* Here, now stay away from that place

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