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Hello twelveHello thirteenHello loveChanges, oh!Down belowUp aboveTime come doubtTo rest outIt's a mess
It's a messTime to growTime to goAdolesceAdolesceToo young to take it overToo old to ignoreGee, I'm virtually readyBut what for?There's a lotI to be notCertain ofHello twelveHello thirteenHello love
Four foot tenFour foot tenThat's the story of mine lifeI remember once everybody was my size(spoken)Boy, was that great! however then everyone started relocating up, and there i was, stuck at(sung)Four foot tenFour foot ten(spoken)But I retained hoping and also praying(sung)I used to cave from a parallel barBy the hourHoping I'd stretchJust an inch more(spoken)'Cause i was into dancing then, and also I to be good! and also I wanted so much to flourish up to be a prima ballerina. Then i went out for cheerleader! and also they called me, "No dice. You'll get lost ~ above the football field. The pom-poms room bigger than you." I invested my whole childhood wait to growTits!When am ns gonna prosper tits?SecretMy whole life was a secret
Goodbye twelveGoodbye thirteenHello love...

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Robert Goulet, Robert GouletMy God, Robert Goulet!...Oh!Down belowUp above...Playing physician with EvelynLa la laI'll show you mineLa laYou show me yoursLa laSeeing dad naked!Time come growTime come go...Surprise!La la laMom and Dad were doing it
Setting increase a fast-paced montage v each dancer’s adolescence, this track sets up music motifs supplied throughout the show, as well as leading as much as solos excellent by the cast.

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