customers far from unsuspecting smaller rivals. B. Involves undertaking surprised moves come secure an advantageous position in a fast-growing and rewarding market segment; normally the guerrilla signal rivals that it will use deep price cuts to defend its freshly won position. C. Works finest if the guerrilla is the industry"s low-cost leader. D. Entails pitting a small company"s very own competitive staminas head-on versus the staminas of much bigger rivals. E. Requires unexpected strikes (usually by a small-to-medium size competitor) to grab sales and market share from complacent or distracted rivals.

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goldfiish <28.3K>7 month ago
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E. Requires unexpected strikes (usually by a small-to-medium size competitor) come grab sales and market share native complacent or distracted rivals.


Guerrilla war occurs when a smaller, less an effective army, strikes in unexpected ways a lot larger, much more powerful, better-equipped army, only to run and go right into hiding immediately afterwards.

This equates to the industry enviroment when a small, or medium-sized firms, makes small hits to a much bigger company, just to assume a an ext conservative position instantly after.

The goal is progressively weaken the bigger firm, since the smaller sized firm knows the it cannot directly engage against the larger firm.

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