carry out a summary of the information characteristics and the set of relationships that connect the data uncovered within the database.

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the condition in which every one of the information in the database are constant with the real-civilization events and also problems.
An internal _____ describes a specific depiction of an inner version, making use of the database constructs sustained by the chosen database.
In a database conmessage, a(n) _____ shows the use of various names to describe the exact same attribute.
The "_____" characteristic of a major essential states that the main vital need to uniquely determine each entity instance, have to be able to guarantee unique values, and also have to not contain nulls.
The "_____" characteristic of a major key claims that the major vital must not have actually installed semantic definition.
The "_____" characteristic of a main essential says that the selected major key need to not be written of any attribute(s) that could be taken into consideration a violation.
A table that has actually all vital features characterized, has no repeating groups, and also all its features are dependent on the main key is said to be in _____.
A(n) _____ exists once tright here are functional dependencies such that Y is functionally dependent on X, Z is functionally dependent on Y, and X is the primary key.

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make(s) it feasible to merge SQL and also standard programming constructs, such as variables, conditional handling (IF-THEN-ELSE), basic loops (FOR and also WHILE loops,) and error trapping.


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