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(22) (A) Import quota is imposed by residential federal government. VER is enforced by foreign trading partn…View the complete answer

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Transcribed image text: 22. A essential distinction in between import quotas and voluntary export restraints (VERs) is that the: A. Domestic govemment administers the import quota, whereas the foreign federal government administers the VER B. Foregime federal government administers the import quota, whereas the residential government administers the VER C. One is a taxation, whereas the various other is a amount limit D. One raises the price of the imported product involved, whereas the various other one does not 23. An example of a nontariff obstacle would be: A. A minimum limit on the amount of imports B. A tax on an imported product C. Voluntary export restraints D. Excessive licensing demands 24. "Offshoring" refers to: A. importing items, solutions, and also sources. B. stashing money in offshore accounts for the function of avoiding taxes. C. shifting work abroad that was formerly done domestically D. exporting vital sources 25. Which of the following are valid arguments for tariff protection? A. Ensuring sufficient manufacturing levels in sectors understood to be vital in the event of war B. Increasing residential employment C. Economic diversification D. Protection from foreign low-wage labor 26. Tariffs and import quotas have the right to reduce unemployment in an import UNITED STATE industry but A. if foreign nations endure growth, export jobs might thrive B. foreign nations might impose non-tariff barriers on UNITED STATE goods, reducing jobs in an export industry. C. the U.S. economy might fchange, and tasks would certainly decrease anymethod D. international countries can impose non-tariff barriers on U.S. items, increasing tasks in an export industry 27. Internationwide transactions loss into what 2 wide categories? A. Manufacturing profession and solutions trade. B. Internationwide trade and worldwide asset transactions. C. Currency transactions and solutions profession. D. Newly created assets and preexisting assets. 28. What would cause a nation's money to adjust in the sector for foreign exchange? I. Changes in tastes I. Relative earnings transforms III. Instcapacity IV. Price-level changes V. Speculation VI. Babsence sectors VIL Expected rerevolve on assets A. I, II, V, VI and also VII just B. III, IV, V and also VI just C. I, II, IV, V and VII just D. All of the above will certainly cause a nation's money to readjust in the sector for foreign exchange.