A computer ________ is 2 or much more computers associated using software and hardware so the they can connect with every other.

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Which transmission tool transmits data the fastest?

Fiber-optic cable

Normal call cable is a kind of ________.

twisted-pair cable

A client/server network is an instance of ________ administration


A peer-to-peer (P2P) network is an instance of ________ administration.


The fastest version of wireless Ethernet is ________.

802.11 ac

Which the the complying with is not a type of cable used in wired networks?

Unshielded coaxial

Which that the following is not a kind of UTP cable girlfriend would usage in a wired Ethernet network?

Cat 7B

The most famous transmission media choice for wired residence Ethernet networks is ________ cable.

unshielded twisted-pair UTP

Wireless network devices use ________ to interact with each other.

radio waves

For the nodes top top a network to connect with each other and access the network, each node demands a ________.

network adapter

A ________ is a an equipment connected to a network such together a press or a game console.


On a network, a(n) ________ helps prevent data packets indigenous colliding v each other.


Sophisticated networks normally use i m sorry of the adhering to hardware devices to lull the flow of data v the network?

Routers and switches

To move data packets in between two or more networks, a ________ is used.


Data are sent out through a network in bundles referred to as ________.


All the the following operating systems support P2P networking other than ________.


Client/server networks are controlled by a central server the runs committed software called a(n) ________.

network operating mechanism (NOS)

Which the the following is no a wired broadband Internet link option?


A(n) ________ machine facilitates document sharing and data backup.


Using a network there is no the network owner’s permission is recognized as ________.


All of the following are extra precautions you have the right to take to secure a wireless network other than ________.

enable SSID broadcast

________ is the actual speed of data deliver that is accomplished and is constantly less than or equal to the data deliver rate.


The unique number assigned come a network adapter through the manufacturer is described as the ________ address.


All of the adhering to are tasks for network management of a large organization except ________.

purchasing initial devices for the network

Which that the adhering to is NOT provided to classify network architectures?

Speed that the network

A printer linked to a wireless network is considered to it is in a node on that network.


Sharing documents is a benefit of a network.


In a peer-to-peer network, one computer system acts together the main computer.


P2P networks are most generally used in residence networks.


________ is the maximum rate at i m sorry data deserve to be transferred between two nodes.


The net is a WAN.


Current wired Ethernet networks in the United says are based upon the IEEE 802.11ac standard.


Ethernet networks are constantly connected using twisted-pair cable technology.


Wireless network relations are slower 보다 wired broadband connections.


The most well-known transmission media choice for wired Ethernet networks is UTP cable.


Most computer systems today come v Ethernet adapters currently installed.


A router acts favor a website traffic signal top top a network.


A P2P network requirements network operating system software installed on every node.


Wireless networks are much more vulnerable to strike than wired networks.


WEP is a stronger form of protection than WPA.


A ________ is a network situated in your residence that connects to all your digital devices.


Limiting your signal variety does not help increase wireless network security.


A network that spans a big physical street is dubbed a ________.

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A large network designed come provide accessibility to a certain geographic area, such as a huge city, is a ________.