a. Rising marginal physical product curve.b. Fall marginal physical product curve. (Correct)c. Falling typical fixed price curve.d. Rising average variable cost curve.

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An unrecoverable price that have to be disregarded in any type of current or future decision is additionally called a(n) __________ cost.
a. Explicit costs.b. Latent costs.c. Sunk costs.d. The amount of explicit and also implicit costs. (Correct)
Five months ago Wilson opened up up a health club. I m sorry of the complying with is one implicit expense related come the health and wellness club?
a. Wilson payment $120 for an outside laundry organization to clean the towels used at the club.b. Wilson payment $100 for the pest manage exterminator come spray the health club.c. Wilson previously worked as one accountant, earning $3,000 a month. (Correct)d. Wilson usually eats 4 hamburgers a day, priced in ~ $3 each.
a. Equal to the sum of implicit and also explicit costs. (Correct)b. Better than complete opportunity costs.c. Adequate to sheathe explicit costs, however not implicitly costs.d. Sufficient to sheathe implicit costs, however not clear costs.
If entry are increased by 10 percent and output boosts by 10 percent, climate __________ are said to exist.
a. Economic situations of scaleb. Continuous returns to range (Correct)c. Diseconomies of scaled. Diminishing marginal returns
If inputs are raised by 10 percent and output rises by 20 percent, climate __________ are said to exist.

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a. Economic climates of scale (Correct)b. Continuous returns to scalec. Diseconomies that scaled. Diminishing marginal returns
A.C.= The difference between total revenue and also explicit costs.E.C.= The difference between total revenue and also total cost, consisting of both explicit and also implicit costs.
S.R.= some period, amount of time, wherein at least 1 entry is fixed, no details amount that time L.R.= duration where all inputs room variable, no certain amount that time