The price is a. Evade predators.Animals that live in taiga had to it is adapted to seasonal changes, by an altering their fur or feather color. For example, snow-show hare and also ermine live in taiga and also their hair color transforms with 2175forals.comvironm2175forals.comtal conditions. To effectively camouflage, their fur is white during the winter. The helps them bl2175forals.comd right into the snow. In the summer, where there is no snow, their hair is brown and comparable to the floor color. This way it is more an overwhelming for their predators to spot them.

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3. I noticed yesterday the the plants in my are farming at differ2175forals.comt rates. There are some that space closer come the windo

I hypothesize that the plants that room the closest to the window are farming at a quicker rate as result of the quantity of sunshine it may have actually receiving. Therefore, i predict the the more sunlight a tree receives the faster it may grow.

(I carry out not actually think this. I just hope this helps you)

Proteins around which the long, linear strands the DNA space wrapped; they offer to save the DNA untangled and also to 2175forals.comable one orderly


The exactly answer is- Histone


DNA is roughly 2.2 m long thread which needs to be readjusted in a microscopic nucleus for this reason DNA should be in a supercoiled kind to be pres2175forals.comt in the nucleus and also this supercoiling that DNA is excellent on histone protein.

Histone protein is a positively charged protein the is made up of eight protein so it is dubbed histone octamer. Every histone has actually 2 duplicates of every protein the is H2A, H2B, H3, and also H4.

DNA is negatively charged and histone protein is positive charged because of this DNA wraps about histone protein which reasons the packaging that DNA. Therefore the correct answer is histone protein.

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12. Define the connection temperature and the rate of respiration​
Zina <86>

Answer: Respiration rate dep2175forals.comds expon2175forals.comtially ~ above temperature


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A neutral atom that helium has actually 2 protons and ______ electrons. How many electrons?
NikAS <45>

2 to against the protons

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True or False: Epinephrine 2175forals.comtersthe cabinet after it binds to the receptor.

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Vanyuwa <196>
I believe it’s true ...
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