2.1 Theories of Motivation

Which of the following statements about the interaction in between inspiration, ability, setting, and performance is accurate?

Performance is ideal explained as the outcome of the interaction between inspiration, capability, and also setting.

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Which of the following scenarios mirrors evidence of motivation? Choose the BEST answer.

Meeting occupational deadlines—specifically ahead of schedule—strongly argues a encouraged employee. According to the message, incentive is the desire to accomplish a goal or a performance level.


2.2 Self-Assessment 3: Locus of Control

What did you learn around yourself from this self-assessment?I learned a lot about myself from this self-assessment. The assessment taught me that I have actually a modeprice interior locus of self-regulate meaning that I have actually an average or moderate watch that my actions influence occasions. Prior to taking this self-assessment I had not taken into consideration my own thoughts towards whether or not my actions or fate/luck affected events about me. After seeing my outcomes I now understand that I believe that my own actions affect occasion most of the moment, but that fate/luck have the right to additionally play a duty in exactly how events unfold. I feel that my modeprice locus of regulate is beneficial to me bereason I have the benefits of having an interior locus of self-regulate without suffering the drawbacks which deserve to come from having actually a solid locus of self-control.

2.3 A Inspiring Place to Work: The Case of Zappos

According to the article, exactly how does Zappos test the catalyst of its brand-new hires?

Zappos supplies everyone going with firm training $2,000 to quit, in the hope that it will sway anyone who isn’t truly urged to occupational somewhere else. In impact, this generous market offers a great test of potential employees’ incentive.

In the view of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, which of the following is MOST responsible for motivating people?

Joy is the driving force behind people’s actions, according to Hsieh, and also he has as necessary structured his firm to maximize happiness for his employees.

2.5 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Which of the adhering to BEST summarizes Maslow’s theory of motivation?

Maslow’s concept is a hierarchy: after standard needs are satisfied, the higher-order demands come to be motivators. All demands are vital, however they continue in rank order, as it’s tough to boost your prospects of self-actualization if you are worried about lower-order requirements choose project protection.

Imagine you have actually simply started a brand-new project that supplies generous health benefits. Which of the following requirements has actually been satisfied, in the see of Maslow?

Health benefits and retirement planning satisfy safety needs, as they will assure people that they will be cared for as soon as they gain sick or retire.

Imagine you have actually a friend that is struggling via his self-esteem. Which of the following actions is MOST most likely to assist him?

His esteem requirements can be met by receiving praise from a friend. Joining a frisbee team would fulfill his social demands, renewing his contract would accomplish his safety needs, and also eating breakfast would fulfill his physiological needs.

Samuel is a manager at a circulation facility, and he has actually noticed a absence of morale and camaraderie among his employees. As an outcome, he is came to around their social demands. Which of the complying with could BEST satisfy his employees’ social needs?

A company-wide bowling tournament might fulfill Samuel’s employees’ social needs. Social requirements are commonly related to friendships and also bonding with others, and the bowling event would enable this to occur even more normally.

2.6 Self-Assessment 4: Burnout

What did you learn around yourself from this self-assessment?

This self-assessment did not teach me that a lot about myself. I scored a 33 on the assessment which suggests that I might be at danger for burnout. Prior to this assessment I already knew that I was at risk for burnout because I have actually started to experience an extra negative watch towards job-related lately. However before this is not a huge worry for me because as an after institution counselor I have the summers off. This suggests that in a couple of weeks I will certainly have plenty of time off to recuperate and recharge before going ago to work following college year. The just thing I really did learn from this test is that I must take treatment to remajor also tempered and to not judge any case harshly due to my being burnt out.

2.7 ERG Theory

The relatedness category, as proposed by Alderfer, includes which of Maslow’s needs?

Relatedness coincides to Maslow’s idea of social requirements.

Which of the complying with statements highlights the primary contribution that ERG theory made to Maslow’s concept of needs?

ERG theory argues that even more than one need may be in play at a time, and each need is not necessarily fulfilled in order.

Dave is a coworker of yours, and he has repetitively expressed his aggravation that he doesn't have many type of friends at work-related or external of occupational. According to ERG theory, what need or category of demands might Dave focus on instead?

Dave might emphasis on his visibility or expansion requirements, since his relatedness demands are not being met. ERG theory contains the frustration-regression hypothesis, which suggests that if someone is frustrated by their incapacity to meet a certain need, they will transition their focus to fulfilling other requirements.

2.8 Two-Factor Theory

Which of the complying with BEST describes “hygiene factors”?

As the text defines, “hygiene factors” are the aspects that consist of a job’s setting, as opposed to the task itself. They encompass company policies, supervision, working problems, salary, safety and security, defense on the job, and so on.

Which of the adhering to is a prevalent criticism of Herzberg’s two-variable theory? Choose the BEST answer.

The worry of pay (and various other factors) is facility. Herzberg classified pay as a hygiene aspect, but, as doubters point out, pay might likewise have value as a motivator, bereason greater pay normally shows a rise in an employee’s recognition and also responsibility.


2.9 Acquired-Needs Theory

In the check out of acquired-requirements theory, which of the complying with tasks would be BEST suited for someone through a high need for achievement?Entrepreneurship is a career finest suited for someone through a high need for success. People with this require occupational ideal in careers that have explicit purposes and provide a lot of feedago.

Imagine that Michelle is taking the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT). She comes up via the complying with story around the above image: the woguy is looking at a snapshot of her husband also and also family and also is smiling bereason she can’t wait to be at house with them tonight. How will the test administrator most likely evaluate Michelle’ test? Choose the BEST answer.

Michelle’s response to the image says that she has a require for affiliation, which suggests that she prefers to connect via others and also be approximately friends.

Mark has actually simply finimelted his TAT. In his story, he defines a woman that has actually sacrificed time at house with her household in order to work-related in a new executive place. The woman is an advisor to the CEO and also desires to manage as many people in her firm as feasible. How will certainly the test administrator most likely evaluate Mark’s test?

Mark’s response to the picture suggests that he has actually a require for power, because his story is focused on affecting others and making an influence on an company.

2.11 Equity Theory

Imagine that you are the head of your company’s accounting department. Which of the complying with world at your firm is an appropriate referent to you? Choose the BEST answer.

The head of the marketing department is an appropriate referent to you. It is crucial that referents be at a similar level to and also have actually equivalent purposes and also requirements as the perboy to whom they are being compared.

Which of the adhering to statements BEST summarizes equity theory?

According to equity concept, people are urged by a sense of fairness in their interactions.

Which of the adhering to is an example of an input?

Computer abilities are a good example of an input, which consists of level of education, training, and also abilities.

Imagine you are the head of your company’s marketing department. You freshly find that you make $10,000 a year more than the head of the sales department. According to the text, exactly how are you most likely to react to this payment gap?

Though you can experience some slight initial guilt, study mirrors that individuals uncover means to change their perceptions of the situation, such as believing that they lug even more education and/or abilities to the job than the referent.


2.12 Individual Differences in Reactions to Inequity

From an equity theory perspective, which of the complying with descriptions BEST applies to a boss who expects a yearly bonus and also salary rise also though he has not enhanced his performance in years?The boss is “entitled,” an individual who expects generous compensation for comparatively bit input.

Which of the following would be a good means to increase procedural justice within an organization?

Procedural justice says that a company’s decision-making policies have to be used continuously and in a way that entails the employees. If company supervisors are soliciting feedago from employees prior to they make decisions that will certainly influence the employees, they are practicing procedural justice.

Which of the complying with old sayings BEST captures the spirit of interactional justice?

“Treat others just how you want to be treated” best defines interactional justice, which is involved through fairness in the means human being are treated.

Which of the complying with scenarios BEST captures the ideal of distributive justice?

After functioning overtime for the past three months, Rosa is provided a promovement and also a raise. Distributive justice describes the degree to which outcomes obtained from an company are viewed to be fair. A promovement and also raise seems favor a fair response to every one of Rosa’s hard work.

2.13 Self-Assessment 5: Holmes Stress Scale

What did you learn around yourself from this self-assessment?

I scored a 29 on the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale assessment; I learnt that this score suggests that I have actually just a low to modeprice chance of ending up being ill in the near future. This self-assessment taught me that I perform not have actually many anxiety in my life that might reason me to end up being ill in the future. Prior to taking this assessment I believed that I would have actually scored in the 150-299 array because I assumed that little eexceptionally day stresses added a lot towards a person’s possibility of gaining ill.

2.14 Expectancy Theory

Which of the adhering to BEST summarizes the concept of expectations theory?

According to span concept, individual inspiration to put forth more or less initiative is identified by a rational calculation in which people evaluate their case.

Which of the adhering to BEST explains valence, according to expectations theory?

Valence is the anticipated satisfaction that comes from achieving an outcome, and can be positive or negative. If you would certainly 2175forals.com the outcomes enjoyable, you have a positive valence; if you 2175forals.com the outcomes unpreferable, you would certainly have negative valence.

Imagine you are a manager and also you are interested in enhancing the instrumentality perceptions of your employees. Which of the following is the BEST means to proceed?

Consistently offering rewards to high performers is the finest means to boost the instrumentality perceptions of your employees. Instrumentality is the perception that performance is pertained to outcomes, prefer rewards; connecting rewards to performance using bonsupplies, merit pay, and also other award devices is a great way to accomplish high instrumentality.

You have constantly made excellent qualities in institution, believing that if you have the right to store your GPA over 3.5 that you will certainly be able to uncover your dream task. Which of the adhering to BEST defines your perception of your GPA?

High instrumentality explains your perception of your GPA. Instrumentality is the perception that performance leads to positive rewards.

2.15 Reinforcement Theory

You are an excellent student and execute well in your classes. You examine for tests weeks in advance and also frequently ask the instructor for aid. After the term is over, your last report card is marked via all A’s. As a result, you decide to proceed examining the same way following term. This is an example of what type of reinforcement?

This is an example of positive reinforcement, which suggests that positive habits is complied with by positive reinforcement.

Which of the adhering to BEST exemplifies Steven Kerr’s quote around “the folly of rewarding A while hoping for B”?

A manager who decides to reward an employee who cuts corners to make a job deadline exemplifies Kerr’s statement, which defines rewarding behaviors that lead to particular positive outcomes however are accomplished in undesirable or unmoral ways.

Which of the adhering to actions BEST exemplifies extinction?

Extinction is supplied to decrease negative actions by not rewarding them. If an employee is disrupting office performance because his desk is in the front of the office and he feels compelbrought about sheight with everyone who walks by, relocating his desk to a location through lower foot website traffic should finish his disruptive habits (and boost office productivity).

Sam is a manager that has actually chose to reward his employees eincredibly time his branch reaches a 5-percent profit increase per year. What form of reinforcement schedule is Sam utilizing?

He is making use of a constant schedule, which means that good behavior is rewarded eincredibly time it occurs.

Consider the complying with scenario: Reginald, that is a manager, 2175forals.coms that some of his employees are stealing their coworkers’ lunches. During which action of his business behavior change program would certainly he look at the causal determinants of this undesirable behavior?

Throughout step 3, analyzing habits antecedents and also outcomes, Reginald would certainly look at causal determinants. Why are the lunches being eaten? Are the lunch-eaters being unintentionally rewarded for their behavior?

2.16 The Role of Ethics and National Culture

According to the research cited in this section, what motivates employees to act ethically (or unethically)?

The study presented on this page argues that moral actions is a learned behavior. If an employee is surrounded by ethical coworkers and supervisors, it is more likely that he or she will behave actually ethically at the office.

In the experiment pointed out at the start of the web page, why did the participants stop behaving unethically?

Participants quit behaving unethically after they were endangered through punishment.

Which of the following is a true statement regarding culture and also catalyst theories?

Fairness is family member to each society. All cultures value justice and fairness, but what is thought about fair depends on the society.

Which of the following statements about the ways various cultures translate Maslow’s hierarchy of requirements is MOST accurate?

The message says that in established nations prefer the USA, esteem needs are more effective motivators than physiological needs.

2.17 Motivation in Action: The Case of Trader Joe’s

Think back to Maslow’s power structure of demands. Which level of requirements does the work-related environment at Trader Joe’s seem to strive to fulfill? Choose the BEST answer.

The happy, motivating work-related atmosphere at Trader Joe’s appears to strive to fulfill the self-actualization level of Maslow’s pecking order of demands.

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Which of the complying with is a method that Trader Joe’s motivates its employees to do a great job?

According to the analysis, Trader Joe’s has actually been able to motivate its employees by fostering an setting of cooperation and also autonomy. It also pays its employees generously and gives them through consistent feedback.