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Ajax host a 1-0 accumulation lead over Tottenham together the clubs head right into the second leg of the UEFA Champions organization semi-final two-leg matchup.

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Donny van de Beek’s first-half goal was the difference-maker for Ajax in the an initial leg. Meanwhile, harry Kane (injury) and also Son Heung-min (suspension) to be both missing for Tottenham.

Tottenham currently trail as the two-part semi-final moves to Ajax’s turf in the Netherlands. The winner will advance to the last to take it on Barcelona, that ousted Tottenham in the other semi-final

The means Ajax overpowered Tottenham in ~ the start of their Champions organization semifinal top top Tuesday left the visitors feeling frustrated to only have actually a slender 1-0 advantage from the an initial leg, secured through Donny valve de Beek's first-half goal.

"In the very first 20 minutes us played really good," the 22-year-old midfielder said, "and after that Tottenham chased something."

Tottenham did follow in the second half, yet with a side depleted by injuries and suspension it lacked the attacking finish product to equalize.

"For the an initial 20 minutes of the game we were simply ball watchers," Tottenham midfielder Christian Eriksen said. "We made them watch a look at better. They are a good side but we offered them the feeling they can manage things."

The Dutch next was offered too much space to string together slick passes early on on, and also Van de Beek ghosted right into the punish area to receive a throughball indigenous Hakim Ziyech prior to knocking a shot past goalkeeper Hugo Lloris in the 15th minute.

"We were completely dominating," Ajax coach Erik ten Hag said. "Tottenham changed the mechanism (to a back four), switched to a various gear and also we weren't anticipating."

Tottenham, contesting their very first European Cup semifinal in 57 years, was without hurt striker bother Kane the suspended child Heung-min. It additionally had to complete with the loss of defender jan Vertonghen in the first half v an injury the threw a fresh spotlight top top soccer's dealing with of doubt concussions.

Vertonghen tested for a header in the Ajax area yet slammed his face into the back of teammate Toby Alderweireld's head, leaving him v blood putting from a reduced on his nose in the 32nd minute.

"With a head injury it can be dangerous," Ten Hag stated on beIN Sports. "Take him off. Don't take risks with head injuries."

But Vertonghen got treatment ~ above the field and went to change his bloodied white jersey. Referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz was pointing in ~ his head together he speak to Vertonghen, before permitting him come return to action in the 38th minute.

Vertonghen lasted only 40 seconds before going across to the sideline, leaning over and also struggling come stand. Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino had actually to take Vertonghen to avoid him from keeling over before the Belgian was aided down the tunnel by two medical officials.

"At this minute you are concentrated on the game, that is too challenging to think too much," Pochettino said. "Only I have to listen and also hear what (the medics) say and also take a decision. Ns am never ever going to debate and put into question the decision the the clinical staff."

With midfielder Moussa Sissoko on for Vertonghen, Tottenham go look an ext assertive as Ajax's attack rhythm was disrupted.

But the visitors, who contest the dutch final against Willem II on Sunday before the 2nd leg next Wednesday, were only denied a healthier advantage when the article denied David Neres late on.

Ajax has made a remarkable breakthrough to the last 4 with a youthful squad regardless of the dutch league lacking the huge television revenue that the Premier organization — and having to walk through three qualifying rounds simply to get in the group stage in September.

Tottenham is paying because that investing in building a new stadium quite than the squad, make no enhancements this season. It's also in a scrap just to organize on to third place to take among the Premier League's four Champions league slots.

“My players room heroes to it is in in the situation we space today,” Pochettino said. “In the first half an hour it wasn’t the best. We are still alive in the tie.”

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