Alabama football schedule predictions and also early game-by-game preview for 2016. Projecting just how the Crimson birds will carry out this year.

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Sept. 3 USC (in Arlington)

The Alabama soccer schedule kicks off versus USC, and the Trojans will have a significant chip on their shoulders – they have a much longer Week 1 victory streak 보다 the Crimson Tide. USC can not have the power, and also it can not have actually the physicality – all apologies because that going Jesse Palmer over there – but Bama demands some reworking. That going to it is in a fight.

Preseason Prediction: Alabama 27, USC 24

Sept. 10 west Kentucky

This isn’t the exact same Hilltopper team the cranked up the offense on the method to the Conference USA titlelast season. Also so, it’ll it is in a quite test for the an additional before kicking turn off the SEC season versus …

Preseason Prediction: Alabama 38, WKU 13

Sept. 17 at Ole Miss

Can the Rebels yes, really beat Nick Saban 3 times in a row? If they lose the opener to Florida State, they’ll be desperate, and also not simply jazzed up for the three-peat. Chad Kelly will have a long, lengthy day, however the Crimson birds offense will certainly struggle, too, until grinding far a late journey to ultimately put it away.

Preseason Prediction: Alabama 26, Ole miss out on 16

Sept. 24 Kent State

It’s Nick Saban going versus his alma mater in an exhale video game after Ole Miss. The golden Flashes have just sufficient of a defense to store this from gaining out that hand, yet the violation won’t walk anywhere.

Preseason Prediction: Alabama 41, Kent State 3

Oct. 1 Kentucky

With massive showdowns to follow, the Crimson Tide have to put this video game away without breaking a sweat. It’ll take a fifty percent to carry out it, yet there won’t be any problem shutting down the Wildcat attackat home.

Preseason Prediction: Alabama 31, Kentucky 10

Oct. 8 at Arkansas

Bret Bielema is way overdue to success a game like this. His team might not be rather as physical as he can like, and no one out-punches Alabama, yet this will be a war of attrition with both running games being just efficient enough to make for a it is too dirty watch.

Preseason Prediction: Alabama 23, Arkansas 17

Oct. 15 in ~ Tennessee

Will this it is in the breakthrough/breakout minute for the Vols regimen under Butch Jones? not really, considering Florida and Georgia will already be in the books, but obviously this is walk to it is in a really, really huge deal. Alabama will be coming turn off the Arkansas game, and will have already faced USC and also Ole Miss, too, there is no a break – this is where the first loss come in heartbreaking fashion. Tennessee will actually success a video game in the fourth quarter.

Preseason Prediction: Tennessee 26, Alabama 20

Oct. 22 Texas A&M

There to be a time when this to be the stop-the-world university football showdown, and also it can be again if Trevor items does come Bama what that pulled off for Oklahoma in the 2014 sugar Bowl. A main after not being may be to manage the mobility the Tennessee’s Joshua Dobbs, the Crimson birds defense will acquire to Mr. Knight.

Preseason Prediction: Alabama 34, Texas A&M 17

Nov. 5 in ~ LSU

Coming off a desperately-needed bye week on the schedule, Alabama will certainly look prefer refreshed and also renewed in the slugfest of every slugfests. Unfortunately for the Crimson Tide, LSU gets the main off, too. Leonard Fournette won’t go wild, however he’ll do sufficient to do this his Heisman-winning moment on a brilliant late run.

Preseason Prediction: LSU 23, Alabama 20

Nov. 12 Mississippi State

Will Alabama still have its emphasis after shedding two games and also the nationwide title chase being all yet over? no really, however it won’t issue in a lifeless win.

Preseason Prediction: Alabama 30, Mississippi State 13

Nov. 19 UT-Chattanooga

As always, the dopey national media will dog the Alabama football schedule for this cupcake late in the season, yet as I need to say every year, nobody would’ve claimed boo if this came in main 2 right after USC.

Preseason Prediction: Alabama 45, UT-Chattanooga 0

Nov. 26 Auburn

As is customary, the Alabama soccer schedule will end with the annual showdown against Auburn. And also just as soon as it seems prefer the steel Bowl kind of doesn’t matter – LSU will have actually the West wrapped up by this point – the rivalry instinct will kick in make this a wild and intense battle.

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The tigers will present up for three quarters, and then the Bama ground video game will kick in.