The lyrics came from a journal enattempt Morissette wrote during what she describes as "a very devaproclaimed time." She told Spotify: "When I hear that song, I hear the anger as a defense about the searing vulnercapability. I was mortified and devaproclaimed. It was a lot much easier for me to be angry and also feel the power from that anger versus the damaged, horrified woguy on the floor."
Radio stations played this via various levels of editing. The offending lines are "Would she go dvery own on you in a theater" and also "Are you thinking of me when you f--k her." Some stations played a version that entirely removed "down" and also "f--k," while others left in "down" and also just reduced a tiny of "f--k."It took a level of courage for Alanis to sing these lines, and it was her producer Glen Ballard that readily available the important encouragement. Shelp Alanis: "I believed, This is specifically exactly how I feel, but I don"t want to hurt anybody. Glen just sassist, You have to execute this."
Morissette didn"t have actually a document deal once she tape-recorded this song, and had actually a tough time finding any takers when she shopped it together with "Hand In My Pocket" and also "Perfect" as a demo for the Jagged Little Pill
album. The just major label to present interest was Madonna"s Maverick Records, whose 22-year-old A&R man Guy Oseary gained exceptionally excited as soon as he heard it. He signed her to Maverick in a deal that worked out fairly well for the label once the album ended up being among the best-sellers of the "90s.

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Dave Navarro (guitar) and also Flea (bass) from The Red Hot Chili Peppers played on this. Flea explained to Bass Player magazine: "It was extremely instinctive - I showed up, rocked out, and split. When I initially heard the track, it had a various baid and guitarist on it; I listened to the bass line and also believed, That"s some weak s--t! It was no flash and also no smash! But the vocal was solid, so I simply tried to play somepoint excellent."On body organ is Benmont Tench of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, that came in for one session when Morissette and Ballard were working on the album. He played on 6 tracks complete. His payment: dinner.
This song propelled Morissette to worldwide stardom, however fame turned out to be a jagged bit pill. When she ended up being well-known simply about all over she went, it damaged among her favorite pursuits: people-watching. After around 18 months of touring an promovement, she was tired. She took a trip to India to obtain focused and also released her next album, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie
, in 1998.
Morissette percreated a slow variation of this at the 1996 Grammy Awards. The show was on a 7-second delay so they can bleep out the word "f--k." The uncensored variation of the Grammy performance was released as the B-side of "You Learn" in 1996.
Morissette never before sang a sanitized version, either in the studio or live. When she percreated it on TV, producers frequently asked her to change the lyrics, however she never did, figuring it was better to sing her truth and have actually it muted than to censor herself.
This is often taken into consideration a revenge song, but Morissette states that was never the motivation. "The context is crucial," she told Spotify. "I didn"t know that many type of human being would be hearing the song. I didn"t think the entirety world would be hearing it. I was creating it so I didn"t obtain sick. I was composing it to acquire it out of my body, the exact same means I would certainly soptimal to a therapist or my finest friend. If I didn"t stop about it, I would certainly have actually obtained sick. It was exceptionally cathartic. I believed that creating songs through these subject matters in them would certainly expect I wouldn"t have to talk to humans. But having sung "You Oughta Know" many times over the years, the partnership itself was still tinged through pain, and also I quickly concerned view that the process of writing these songs was exceptionally cathartic, but it wasn"t healing - I still had to interact through people to deal with points."
This song obtained a lot of exposure as soon as Morissette perdeveloped it on the MTV Video Music Awards and on Saturday Night Live.
Recording this without a label deal gave Morissette a degree of freedom. "We were so completely untethered from the mainstream - no document firm, no supervision - so we were all really just doing it to please ourselves," Glen Ballard told "I had no concept wright here or when it would come out. I kbrand-new I had a brilliant artist in the studio with me and also that"s all I cared around. We weren"t listening to stuff to try to make it sound choose what was on the radio."
This song is a storyline in the 2002 "The Terrorist Attack" episode of the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm. On the present, Larry David tries to gain Alanis to tell him that the song is about, swearing he"ll keep the secret. She ends up whispering it in his ear, and also it does not take lengthy for Larry to pass it on.
Beyoncé covered the song during her 2009 I Am... World Tour and also performed part of it at the 2010 Grammy Awards.
Speaking through Parade in a 2012 intercheck out, Morissette shelp she never tires of performing this song, as "it"s a great automobile to channel with any kind of rage or pent-up power from that day."
In a 2015 Entertainment Weekly intersee, Morissette pondered why so many guys wanted to stake their case on a tune that was much from complimentary."You understand you do not sound choose the greatest guy in the world, right?" she shelp. "I didn"t write it to obtain ago. Everybody called it the perfect revenge song, but that"s not what it was. It"s a devastated song, and also in order to pull out of that despondency, being angry is lovely. I think the motion of anger have the right to pull us out of points. Fifty-5 world deserve to take credit for that song, and also I"m always curious about why they"re doing it. But Dave is the many public around it."
This was provided on numerous TV reflects, including:The Office ("A Benihana Christmas" - 2006): sung by Kevin accompanied by Darryl on the synthesizer. 30 Rock ("Episode 210" - 2008)Degrassi: The Next off Generation ("Never before Ever: Part 1" - 2012)Bob"s Big Burgers ("My Big Fat Greek Bob" - 2013)The song additionally attributes in the 1999 comedy Divine Smoke, starring Kate Winslet and Harvey Keitel, and also the 2006 comedy-drama The Break-Up, starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston.

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With this song, Morissette broke down the squeaky-clea picture she grew in her aboriginal Canada through her first two dance-pop-oriented albums. "This record came from a location in me I had actually to release," she told MOJO in 1995. "A lot of the anger originates from the reality that I didn"t challenge it, out of fear, the whole Pollyanna approach I had when I was younger. I denied myself any kind of reveling in my darker side. But as soon as I started creating, I came to terms through it."
The singer easily came to be frustrated as soon as the provocative line "Would she go down on you in a theater" became the song"s best talking allude. "That one line being focused on so a lot in the media was a misdepiction of why it was written," she told Q magazine in 1996. "It says a lot about just how society might not have actually progressed as much as I assumed, that it still sees sexual references as taboo. It was composed from a desperate, dark, practically pathetically sad place within my subaware, a conversation I was having actually through my own psyche - it"s a line as potent as any type of various other on the record."
In May 2018, the musical Jagged Little Pill, based upon songs from the album, debuted to favorable reviews at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Written by Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody, the story adheres to the battles of a suburban household in Connecticut. "You Oughta Know" is percreated in Act II by Lauren Patten, who portrays Jo, a love interest of the family"s daughter.
Some equipped males intimidated Alanis Morissette while she was working on Jagged Little Pill
and the singer almost lost all the work she had done for the document. Speaking to Alex Jones and also Gethin Jones on BBC"s The One Sjust how, she said: "I was being held up at gunsuggest and they wanted all my points and also I knew that I was going to provide them anything, first of all. 2nd of all, I had actually my backload through all the Jagged Little Pill document contents in it. I provided them my wallet and my purse and they said go lie down. So I lay dvery own via my backpack and believed they"ll take that on the method out but they didn"t. It was so fortuitous and I"m happy to still be here."