A) making efficient layouts. B) providing meals. C) receiving ingredients. D) preparing efficient employee schedules. E) all of the above. Answer: E

At difficult Rock Café, work that reflect work or operations administration include:

) preparing employee schedules.

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An operations task performed at difficult Rock café is:

) to every firms, whether production or service.

Operations monitoring is applicable:

Operations Management

________ is the set of tasks that creates value in the form of goods and services by transforming inputs right into outputs

marketing, production/operations, and also finance/accounting

Which that the complying with are the primary functions of all organizations?

W. Edwards Deming

Which the the complying with pioneers was not making a professional affect during the Scientific monitoring Era?


Which that the complying with would no be an operations role in a commercial bank?

generating the demand for the organization’s products or services.

The marketing function’s main issue is with:

crew scheduling

Which of the adhering to tasks within an airline agency are pertained to operations?


Marketing, production/operations, and also ________ room the three features that all establishments must do to develop goods and services.

supply chain

What is a global network of organizations and tasks that supply a firm through goods and services?

instant communication

Which of the adhering to fosters specialization and global supply chains?

supply chains

Competition in the 21st century is no longer between companies; that is in between ________.

studying how human being organize us for fertile enterprise and learning about a costly part of the enterprise.

Reasons to examine operations monitoring include:

A) how human being organize us for fertile enterprise. B) how goods and services are produced. C) what operations managers do. D) a costly part of the enterprise. E) every one of the above. Answer: E

Reasons to examine operations management include learning about:

) plan, organize, staff, lead, and control

What room the five elements in the management process?


Which that the following is not an element of the monitoring process?

the identification of customers’ wants and also needs.

An operations manager is NOT most likely to be connected in:

creating the agency income statement.

All the the adhering to decisions loss within the scope of to work management other than for:

A) layout strategy. B) maintenance. C) procedure and volume design. D) managing quality. E) all of the above. Answer: E

The 10 strategic operations monitoring decisions include:

mass customization

Which the the adhering to is NOT one of the 10 strategy operations monitoring decisions?


Which that the adhering to is one of the 10 strategic operations administration decisions?

A) inventory demands B) capacity requirements C) personnel levels D) technology E) every one of the above influence layout decisions. Answer: E

Which that the complying with influences layout design?


Which the the complying with is no a strategy operations management decision?

statistical quality control.

Walter Shewhart is provided among the important human being of operations management because of his contribute to:

1920s; statistics sampling

Walter Shewhart, in the ________, listed the structures for ________ in work management.

nineteenth century; interchangeable interchangeable parts

Eli Whitney, in the ________, detailed the structures for ________ in operations management.

Eli Whitney

Who was the human being most responsible for popularizing interchangeable parts in manufacturing?

Frederick W. Taylor.

The "Father of scientific Management" is:

assembly heat operations.

Henry Ford is detailed for his contribute to:

W. Edwards Deming

Who amongst the following is associated with contributions to quality manage in to work management?

A) chemistry and also physics B) commercial engineering and also management science C) biology and anatomy D) information technology E) all of the above Answer: E

The field of operations monitoring is shame by developments in i beg your pardon of the adhering to fields?

The human most responsible for initiating the use of interchangeable components in production was Eli Whitney.

Which the the complying with statements is TRUE?

Charles Sorensen

Henry Ford and ________ are attributed with the advance of the moving assembly line.


Which that the adhering to is the ideal example the a pure service?


The company sector provides up about what percent of all jobs in the unified States?

Tangible goods are usually produced and consumed simultaneously; services are not.

Which is not true regarding differences between goods and also services?

Goods often tend to have higher customer interaction than services.

Which is not true concerning differences in between goods and also services?

elementary education

Which the the complying with services is the very least likely to it is in unique, i.e., customized come a certain individual’s needs?

easy come store

Which that the following is no a typical organization attribute?

production and also consumption take place simultaneously

Which that the following features is most typical of a service?

Both have quality standards.

Which the the complying with is a similarity between goods and also services?

pure service

When a tangible ingredient is not contained in a service, such as with counseling, it is referred to as a(n) ________.


Illiteracy and also poor diets have actually been recognized to price countries as much as what percent of their productivity?

12 covers/hr.

A foundry produces circular utility accessibility hatches (manhole covers). If 120 covers are developed in a 10-hour shift, the efficiency of the line is:

the fact that an accurate units of measure up are often unavailable.

Productivity measure up is complex by:

multifactor productivity.

The full of all outputs created by the transformation procedure divided by the complete of the entry is:


Which performance variable has actually the biggest potential to rise productivity?

decreasing inputs while holding outputs steady.

Productivity can be enhanced by:

management; end one-half

The biggest contributor to productivity boosts is ________, approximated to it is in responsible for ________ that the yearly increase.


The variable responsible because that the largest portion of productivity rise in the United says is:

Service operations space typically resources intensive.

Which the the adhering to is not true once explaining why performance tends to be reduced in the company sector than in the production sector?

labor, capital, and management.

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Three generally used efficiency variables are:

services usually are labor-intensive.

The business sector has lower productivity renovations than the manufacturing sector because:

A) often challenging to automate. B) commonly labor-intensive. C) frequently processed individually. D) regularly an pundit task carry out by professionals. E) every one of the over make organization productivity more difficult. Answer: E

Productivity tends to it is in more challenging to boost in the service sector because the job-related is:

between 8 and also 9 hours

A tiny metal shop operates 10 hours each day, creating 100 parts/hour. If productivity were raised 20%, how countless hours would certainly the plant have to work to develop 1000 parts?