Ambush in ~ Sea and also Way of the Gabiniani and are the thirteenth and also fourtheenth quests you"ll conference in Assassin"s Creed Origins, which have actually you tackle a point out of sea combat and even target Cleopatra herself, and also follow on native The Crocodile"s Jaws.

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We"ll cover every little thing you need to know around completing Ambush in ~ Sea and means of the Gabiniani below, if you can head earlier to our key Assassin"s Creed beginnings walkthrough and also guide hub for all the other objectives so far, and more.

Ambush in ~ Sea

If you play AC IV: black color Flag this ar will be instantly familiar, however if you"re new to naval war it"s in reality pretty straightforward.

Start by heading in the direction of the marker. As soon as the foe ships room in vision follow the onscreen prompts to take aim v the arrows and let a volley loose. Store concentrating fire on one ship, and also when the starts come sink revolve your attention to the next.

Once all three room down head because that the following marker; the smaller vessels will be join buy a much bigger one, yet you only have to sink the large ship - the tiny ones are simply a distraction, and if you have the right to position you yourself so that the larger vessel is in between you and the smaller sized ones lock may help you out with a little of familiar fire.


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Once there examine the arrow-studded bust of Cleopatra, quit the jars top top the other side the the door to discover a letter (and an angry cobra), and also then look at the box on the other side the the room.

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Head earlier to the palace to report to Cleopatra; after a brief conversation a wave of adversaries will storm the courtyard, and also then Venator will display up. He"s gained quite a long reach through his weapon, and he have the right to stun girlfriend quite quickly if he catches you, so dodge backwards as soon as he swings climate flank round to his next to deal a couple of blows before retreating again.

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