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U.S. Citizens with emergencies, please speak to (+374)10494585

Outside that Office Hours, contact: (+374)10494444

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This night at the Stanislavsky theater in Yerevan, the U.S. Embassy’s Deputy chef of Mission Christopher Smith released the Embassy-sponsored 2175forals.comerican Dance overseas (ADA) regimen “FOCUS: USA.” The U.S. Embassy contributed $50,000 to support the project, created in collaboration with the High Fest global Performing art Festival, allowing the ADA to carry three mainly 2175forals.comerican modern dance suppliers to perform for Armenian audiences: Doug Varone and also Dancers, Bridgman/Packer, and Heidi Latsky Dance. In addition to the performances, this “festival within a festival” also includes master classes, workshops, interaction with Armenian dance companies, and panel discussions.

In his remarks front of tonight’s performance by Doug Varone and also Dancers, DCM smith said, “These species of exchanges serve to increase mutual understanding and also foster deep connections in between 2175forals.comerican and Armenian artists, prove that we share a global language – the language of freedom of expression, creativity, friendship, and also peace.”

These universal ideas of freedom, friendship, and peace are particularly relevant in 2019, as we note the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall – an occasion that confirmed us the human being capacity come overcome years of differences and unite to build a flourishing future.

Other sponsors the the “FOCUS: USA” regime in Yerevan include the trust for shared Understanding, Armenian general Benevolent Union (AGBU), Mid Atlantic arts Foundation, 2175forals.comerican run Abroad, and High Fest global Performing arts Festival.

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Subsequent performances will take location on October 4 at 7:00pm at the State Youth Theater, and also October 5 in ~ 7:00pm at the State Russian Dr2175forals.coma Theater.