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"And She Was" is a track written by David Byrne because that the 1985 talk Heads album small Creatures. "I supplied to recognize a blissed-out hippie-chick in Baltimore," recalled Byrne in the liner notes of once in a Lifetime: The finest of talking Heads. "She when told me the she provided to execute acid (the drug, no music) and also lay down on the field by the Yoo-hoo cacao soda factory. Flying out of she body, and so on etc. The seemed favor such a tacky type of transcendence… yet it to be real! A brand-new kind of religious beliefs being born the end of heaps that rusted cars and fast food joints. and also this girl was flying over it all, however in the too." Drummer kris Frantz stated of the song, "It’s a story around a mrs who has the strength to levitate over the ground and also to examine out every her neighbors from a type of bird’s eye view. And the male who’s composing the tune is in love v her and also he kinda desire she would simply be an ext normal and, like, come on earlier down to the floor , yet she doesn’t. She goes floating end the backyard and also past the buildings and also the schools and stuff and is absolutely premium to him in every way."The track is musically noteworthy for its inexplicable use of modulation, The overall crucial of the song is E major, but the leg to the chorus is in F major. The 2nd bridge back to the verse is in the an essential of G significant (Chords B min come G maj, "She to be glad around it...")more »

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Hey!And she to be lying in the grassAnd she can hear the highway breathingAnd she could see a surrounding factoryShe"s making certain she is no dreamingSee the lamp of a neighbor"s houseNow she"s beginning to riseTake a minute come concentrateAnd she opens up up she eyesThe human being was moving she was appropriate there with it and also she wasThe human being was relocating she to be floating over it and also she wasAnd she wasAnd she was drifting v the backyardAnd she was acquisition off she dressAnd she to be moving very slowlyRising up above the earthMoving into the universe and also she"sDrifting this way and thatNot emotional the ground in ~ all and also she"sUp over the yardThe people was moving, she was right there with it and she was(Hey, hey)The civilization was moving, she was floating over it and she was(Hey, hey, hey)She to be proud around it, no doubt about itShe isn"t sure around what she"s doneNo time to think about what come tell himNo time come think around what she"s done and also she was(Hey hey, hey hey, hey)And she to be looking at herselfAnd things were looking favor a movieShe had actually a pleasant elevationShe"s relocating out in every directions oh, oh ohHey, hey, heyHey-hey, hey, heyHey, hey, hey-hey hey!Hey, hey, heyHey-hey, hey, heyHey, hey, hey-hey hey!The human being was moving, she was right there through it and she was(Hey, woo hoo)The people was moving, she was floating over it and also she was(Hey, hey)Joining the people of missing persons and she wasMissing enough to feeling all right and she wasAnd she wasAnd she wasAnd she wasAnd she wasAnd she wasHey!And she was!And she wasAnd she was!

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talking Heads talking Heads was an American new Wave and avant-garde band formed in 1975 in brand-new York City and active until 1991. The band consisted of David Byrne (vocals and also guitar), chris Frantz (drums), Tina Weymouth (bass) and also Jerry Harrison (keyboards and guitar). Auxiliary musicians likewise regularly made appearances in concert and on the group"s albums. The new Wave style of talking Heads combined elements of punk, arts rock, avant-garde, pop, funk, civilization music, and also Americana.

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Frontman and songwriter David Byrne added whimsical, esoteric 2175forals.com come the band"s songs, and also emphasized their showmanship through assorted multimedia projects and also performances. Much more »