Andrew Jackson is remembered as both a hero and a villain. Indigenous Americans and African american said in a PBS distinct that Andrew Jackson was evil. The African American said that Jackson to be evil because he would certainly sentence a runaway slave to 300 lashes which would ruin the slave’s health and cause sickness that he might not get better from. Among the most amazing parts that the film was once Jackson, at the fight of Horseshoe Bend, had actually the Cherokees help him massacre a thousand indigenous American Creeks. More Native american were eliminated in this battle than in any other battle in the background of the joined States. The is evil. Jackson later on made his fortune by owning 100+ slaves.

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If you to be an American during Andrew Jackson’s time and also watched the brother burn DC down and knew our military ran away once the British come you would speak to Andrew Jackson a hero due to the fact that Andrew Jackson turn the war around. When he came back from Mississippi the said that the wounded would ride, and he to walk the whole method home. He earned his men’s respect, who referred to as him “Old Hickory”. In brand-new Orleans, because he to be outnumbered, that asked for the aid of the French pirate Jean Lafitte, Choctaw Indians, and the totally free blacks of new Orleans. The British to be expecting united state to turn around and run again instead Jackson and also his allies stood your ground and also won the battle. For this reason if girlfriend look at Jackson together a military leader he was a hero come white citizens of the joined States.

Jackson was well-known with the typical man due to the fact that he come from nothing and also made himself something. Jackson’s childhood had immigrant parents, a brothers being eliminated in the Revolutionary War, and then he was orphaned. Once he was 13 he yielded messages because that the Revolutionary military because the knew the woods. The hated the British since they eliminated some the his family and also scarred his face. Due to the fact that he studied the legislation as one apprentice and had no family he pretty much did what he want to do.

When Jackson became President he was a hero come the usual man since everything that did together President he would defend as being versus rich people and huge banks such as the nationwide bank. Jackson took the bank of the United claims money and also gave it to the faithful state banks. This more than likely made those says citizens happy. Additionally as president he provided jobs to world who to be friends or loyal to him yet not always qualified because that the jobs. Therefore if you to be a federal government worker who got fired to provide Jackson’s girlfriend a project you wouldn’t think he was a very an excellent President. This was the spoils system.

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I think Andrew Jackson to be a human being who did whatever he want to perform for his own an individual reasons and his very own power. Ns think he to be a human being who needed excitement and power come feel choose somebody important. I don’t favor him together a person and also yet ns felt that he couldn’t be called completely evil. You have to say he to be a success since he ended up being a Congressman, a President, a landowner and also wealthy he however hurt and also killed a the majority of people. Every the handouts you offered us and the PBS movie tell me the if you were a girlfriend or friend agreed through him you assumed he to be good. If you were anyone else you found out exactly how horrible he might be. I think that is remembered as evil and also a hero and that is how I feel around him.