Below are some anime that are rather comparable to Blade Dance of the Elementalers(Seireitsukai no Blade Dance) . Have a look at the recommendations below and also what people’s thoughts are on these animes.

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Strong male character enters a magic-like college and also starts his own harem. Both males enter under incredibly unique problems (Kamito, just male elementaler; Saito, just humale boy familliar)The major love intremainder for both boys is a tsundere girl that is consider a trouble student roughly the institution and also she treats the various other prefer a slave or servant bereason of a contract they gotten in right into.Both our protagonists have actually a unique sword that is conseidered legendary. Their sword interacts through them (Kamito" has an actual huguy form. )The main plots of the 2 go in 2 different directions but the primary premisis and also foudantion of the 2 are incredibly simillar.

Okay, these two animes are really similar just by watching the initially episodes.

- both magic- both flat-chested and also arrogant- whips- both have actually familiars or servants and also the familiar is an distinct one- in STNBD the slave is an additional fellow magic perboy and also is the just guy in an all girls college and also for Zero no Tsukaima the familiar is a human- both have rivals trying to fight for their familiar or slave- rivals are both cshed friends really- both are actors outs- both familiar or slave are from other areas I think both Tokyo given that soy sauce lol- both the understand don" understand about that area really well- guy would refuse in the start but then say they need to save their "" guy states girl is unattractive- both primary gets mad really conveniently and constantly blame the man for the accident.


Japan engineered an equipped powered exoskeleton " Stratos" (IS) and it ended up being the mainstream of tools. Due to the fact that just women have the right to run IS, woguys conquer the culture over men. Orimura Ichika is a 15-year-old boy and also accidentally touches an IS pl... Read more

Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance: -Protagonist is the just male in the people that has actually the power to create a contract through spirits -Protagonist is forced right into an all girls college -Harem -Precontemporary setting in a magical civilization where shrine priestesses manage spirits

Infinite Stratos: -Protagonist is the just male in the civilization who deserve to activate and usage an IS mecha. -Protagonist is pressures into an all girls school -Harem -Futuristic establishing in a world wright here girls regulate IS mechas actually.

Both anime have actually an only male moved right into an all-girls institution establishing, with both MC" being able to use an capacity which only females deserve to use.

One of the major distinction is that IS is collection in a sci-fi establishing, while STnBD has actually a fantasy choose civilization.

Blade dance is pretty a lot choose IS yet through a beter MC.


Tright here are some human beings capable of using magical power to manifest their souls as weapons and also manage forces past normal understanding. These civilization are well-known as Blazers, and those that are known as such have the right to undergo training at academies to becom... Read more

Both series have a MC that is an Overpowered swordsmale, yet in his first appearance appears weak. After that he shows power and starts to get a harem of the assorted girls from his school. The main female is a fire user.

Also, the reason he goes to the college is bereason he demands to win a tournament.


Learning to ride and tame dragons comes simple to many students at Ansarivan Dragonar Academy—except for first-year student Ash Blake, that is recognized by his fellow classmates as the " one trouble son." Poor Ash is the laughing stock at institution b... Read more

Both take place in a fantasy people where humans make contracts via fantasy creatures; dragons in Seikoku no Dragonar, and also spirits in Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance. In both anime the main character is an boy via distinct powers, that makes a contract through a very distinct dragon/spirit; which take the develop of a naked loli. Both primary personalities and also their attfinish a college filled through most beautiful woguys, of which the majority of are tsundere and tright here will be the majority of fancompany.

So basically; if you rearea the the dragons in Seikoku no Dragonar via spirits you get Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance; tright here are really means to many similarities and also I can" think of any massive distinctions.>


“Awaken currently, Kasuga Arata.” With those words, Arata’s uneventful, carecomplimentary life ends forever. A black shadow covers the sunlight and Arata’s entire town is diminished to rubble, all the people in it spirited ameans by the blackness of the sun in an eve... Read more

I" constantly though that these anime feels equivalent because both are about the main character obtaining into a college to learn about magic and also both of these are harem/ecchi anime.

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The Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart was founded alongside the breakthrough of "," machine magic capable of offering life and also knowledge to mechanical dolls subsequently referred to as as "" Its aim: train expert puppeteers to control ... Read more

It is very similar and I" explain why, both have great Light Novels, complete of mysteries and also the excellent part are that they are not predictable.Both anime have the major personalities moved by their past, wbelow they obtained harsh trainament, in kamito instance he was an assassin with no eactivities at all, until he met Restia, while Raishin had his whole household assassinated by his older brother. Then both met an old approximately 40 years woguy, who offered then more and even more trainamente and later on a possibility to them remake their mistakes, in Kamito" situation he became known as Ren Ashbell, the strongest Blade Dancer to date and Raishin obtained Yaya, the strongest Machine Doll in the civilization. Then later both join a sort of academy through will permit then to sign up with a tournament and they will satisfy new companions and develop a little Harem of sorts, however both protagonists are not interested in love and also constantly protect against the girls cringe scenes. And lastly both have actually great story, battles and also lastly at all, both are about world that join up through a companion non-huguy, a spirit in Seirei and also a Machine Doll in Machine-Doll and both of the MC partners are smug loli that desires to be their bride and also both does not desire to gain in bed through them. Go to Seirei if you desire somepoint fantasy civilization and a great novel to review on Baka-Tsuki, or go to Machine-Doll if you desire one in an alternative actual human being, or check out both favor I did.