Launching day-and-date v Atlus' sexy Persona spin-off Catherine, Another take on Catherine is 70 minutes of Japanese gravure idol chocolate demonstrating just how much she looks prefer the game's title character both with and without clothes. Simply don't ask she to play the game.

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Another take on Catherine is just one of the recent releases indigenous Studio Happy Chicken, a gravure idol studio based in Japan. Gravure idols are Japanese models through a flair for teasing, rarely appearing totally naked however getting pretty cursed close. We're talking wearing a item of string through strategically inserted flower petals if a massage chair shakes your bodies close. That's an actual scene from another Studio Happy Chicken release, right now featured top top the studio's not-particularly-safe-for-work website.

Studio Happy Chicken has the difference of gift the just gravure idol studio in Japan operation by however, (in this case, Americans), and is the first studio to distribution gravure DVD's come a global market, i beg your pardon is why girlfriend can at this time preorder Another take it on Catherine on

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Another take it On Catherine

Atlus has nothing to carry out with Another take on Catherine. Follow to my call at the publisher, no one there was aware it existed.

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Studio Happy Chicken is really aware the Atlus, that course. The studio's Charlie Maib told me the while Studio Happy Chicken is complete of gamers that studied the Japanese version of Catherine closely, the gravure film will be a rather loosened interpretation. " in psychic Another take on Catherine has actually not to be endorsed through Atlus, so we have gained as close as we have the right to to the resource material there is no treading right into dangerous legitimate territory. That is no a retelling that the game's story, however as the location suggests, one more take ~ above the character of Catherine."


Judging by the box shot, gravure idol and former Pocky Girl CoCo definitely gets into the heart of the character, even if she's less-than-stellar in ~ the game itself.

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" have the right to report that coco is particularly not great at it," said Maib, adding " ~ Atlus exit the spot to do it easier."

Another take on Catherine pearls on July 26, the same day Catherine access time the playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in phibìc America. Ns may have to order a copy, completely for research study purposes.