Chicago Cubs an initial baseman Anthony Rizzo is experiencing all the feels together he prepares to confront former teammate Jon Lester top top Monday night at Wrigley Field.

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Rizzo took to Instagram v a post about Lester’s affect on his life dating ago to his early years together a young leaguer through the Boston Red Sox. He likewise showed as much as the stadion wearing Lester’s old No. 34 Cubs jersey.

DOM_Frederic) may 17, 2021

Lester signed with the Cubs ahead of the 2015 season. He, together with Rizzo, helped lead the franchise come its an initial World collection title in 108 years back in 2016.

The veteran left-hander is concerned by numerous as the best free-agent signing in team history. However, the Cubs decreased Lester’s club option for 2021, and he later on signed with the Washington Nationals. Lester makes his go back to the Friendly boundaries on Monday, and also Rizzo wishes he gets the ovation a player and person the his caliber deserves.

#Cubs Anthony Rizzo top top Jon Lester: i hope the fans gain here early, space on their feet and also give the what that deserves.

— Taylor McGregor (

There is a deeper background as much as Rizzo and also Lester room concerned. The Cubs All-Star alluded to it in the Instagram picture.

Both guys were drafted by the Red Sox. Once Rizzo contracted cancer in 2008, he found a source of comfort and also strength in Lester, who himself was likewise diagnosed through non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma ago in 2006.

The two shared a connection that only deepened when Lester signed through the Cubs. Now, Rizzo will prepare to challenge Lester as an adversary as the left-hander bring away the bump for the Nats top top Sunday.

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Pardon Rizzo for gaining a little bit emotional. Part things space bigger than baseball.



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