-- -- was an 1854 bill that mandated "popular sovereignty"-allowing settlers of a region to decision whether enslavement would be enabled within a brand-new state"s borders. The invoice overturned the Missouri Compromise"s North southern boundary between slave and totally free territory. The conflicts that emerged between pro-slavery and also anti-slavery settlers in the consequences of the act"s passage resulted in the duration of violence recognized as Bleeding Kansas, and also helped led the method for the American Civil battle (1861-65).

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The an initial real fight took ar July 21, 1861, ~ above the hills about Bull run creek external Manassas, Virginia, a rail junction part 30 miles south of the Northern resources at Washington City (Washington, D.C.) and around 90 mile north that the Confederate resources at Richmond ~ above July. The is known as the--- --- ---(Northern name) or the very first Battle the Manassas (Southern name). During the war, the North named battles for the nearest human body of water, and also the South provided the name of the nearest town.
During the war, the North called battles because that the nearest -- --, and the South used the name of the nearest town.
In August, starving Sioux indians in Minnesota, angered because they"d not got badly necessary payments promised by your treaty, started an uprising that eliminated at the very least 113 white men, women and children. 3 hundred Sioux to be sentenced come hang, yet Lincoln reduced that number to 38—still the --- --- ---.
The South discovered two heroes: thomas --- ---, for his Shenandoah valley Campaign, and Robert E. Lee, who took command the the main Confederate army
The South found two heroes: thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, because that his Shenandoah sink Campaign, and also -- --, that took command of the key Confederate army.
During the --- --- --- Robert E. Lee huge mistake was a frontal attack. Recognized as "Pickett"s Charge" for the commander of the biggest Confederate division involved, George Pickett, the assault failed, leaving thousands of southern soldiers dead and also wounded. On freedom Day, a wagon train of wounded end 14 mile long started Lee"s retreat. V the Confederate"s loss of Vicksburg, Mississippi, that exact same day, July 4, 1863, is often explained as the transforming point that the polite War.

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Lee top to Appomattox Station, whereby food offers awaited, whereby the Confederates were cut off again and nearly surrounded by Union troops near the little village the --- --- ---. Lee"s army was trapped. Basic Lee surrendered his continuing to be troops to general Grant in ~ the McLean home on the afternoon the April 9. Although not the finish of the war, the surrender the Lee"s army of northern Virginia set the stage for the conclusion.


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