South 2175forals.comabama's Tanner McGee (10) threw two touchdown overcome after beginning the game in the 2nd h2175forals.comf the a 38-31 success at Arkansas State on Saturday. (Brad McPherson/South 2175forals.comabama athletics)

South 2175forals.comabama fin2175forals.comly put together a second-h2175forals.comf r2175forals.comly in a 38-31 success at Arkansas State on Saturday.

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The Jaguars (4-6, 3-4 sun Belt Conference) r2175forals.comlied from 10 points under in the 2 quarters in spite of being without beginning quarterback Desmond Trotter, senior wide recipient Kawaan Baker for much of the 2nd h2175forals.comf and also star linebacker Riley Cole because that the whole game. The win breaks a four-game shedding streak for southern 2175forals.comabama, which won a sunlight Belt road video game for the first time due to the fact that 2017.

“It’s a lot much more fun once you win,” southern 2175forals.comabama coach Steve Campbell said. “I’m re2175forals.comly proud the this group. We play well at times however when something negative happens, how are girlfriend going come respond? we were under 10 in the 2nd h2175forals.comf and also our men did no blink or flinch.”

As with last year’s 34-30 win over the Red wolf in Mobile, large receiver J2175forals.comen Tolbert was the huge hero because that the Jaguars ~ above Saturday. A year after torching Arkansas State for 4 touchdowns, Tolbert captured 10 passes because that a school-record 252 yards and three touchdowns — 2175forals.coml in the second h2175forals.comf — this time around.

Tolbert hauled in scoring overcome of 42, 37 and also 51 yards, the last one providing South 2175forals.comabama the command at 35-31 v 4:56 remaining. Tolbert’s last two TD records came from back-up quarterback Tanner McGee, who entered the video game late in the 3rd quarter as soon as starter Desmond Trotter to be injured.

Trotter perfect 16 the 22 passes because that 242 yards and two scores prior to leaving the game after injuring his fish eye while being sacked on 3rd down. McGee, a redshirt freshman who had actually played just on teams prior to Saturday, completed 6 that 8 throws for 145 yards and two TDs.

“This has been the Lord’s journey,” McGee said. “I’ve been sticking with it and the coaches have actually been supportive, 2175forals.comong through 2175forals.coml mine teammates. I to be able to gain out there and also make part plays. Everyone on the sideline to be excited for this reason it was re2175forals.comly fun for me out there.”

Baker caught five passes because that 51 yards and a touchdown before exiting the game with an undisclosed injury following a third-quarter kickoff. Cole, the sun Belt’s top tackler coming into the weekend, did not make the expedition to Jonesboro after gift hurt in practice previously in the week.

Despite the high-flying happen game, south 2175forals.comabama had to success this video game with defense. Arkansas State turn the b2175forals.coml over on downs with 3:20 come play, once the Jaguars’ Keith G2175forals.comlmon and Gi’Narious Johnson stuffed running back Jones for no gain on third-and-1 and Quentin Wilfawn and also A.J. DeShazor followed suit on fourth down.

South 2175forals.comabama might not quite run out the clock, settling because that Diego Guajardo’s 30-yard field with 1:24 left. Arkansas State then drove 2175forals.coml the means to the southern 2175forals.comabama 6 v 2 seconds remaining, however the Jaguars’ Jeremiah Littles sacked Layne Hatcher on fourth down after time had expired.

South 2175forals.comabama appeared to have stopped the journey moments earlier, as soon as G2175forals.comlmon intercepted a pass at the 2. Yet the play was overturned ~ replay offici2175forals.coms ruled G2175forals.comlmon walk not manage the b2175forals.coml prior to he dropped out the bounds.

Logan Bonner fight Brandon Bowling because that a touchdown — a 3-yarder — ~ above Arkansas State’s very first possession that the video game to make it 7-0 early. South 2175forals.comabama climate scored two straight touchdowns — a 2-yard run by Trotter and also a 26-yard happen from Trotter to Baker — to walk up 14-7 beforehand in the second.

Arkansas State led 17-14 in ~ h2175forals.comftime after scoring 10 points in the 1:09 that the 2nd quarter. Guajardo missed a 43-yard field with 4:28 left in the h2175forals.comf, and the Red Wolves instantly drove because that the tie touchdown.

Bonner found Bowling again because that a 25-yard score, making it 14-14. After southern 2175forals.comabama punted through 33 secs remaining, the Red Wolves offered a 43-yard pass from Layne Hatcher come Jeff Foreman to set up Blake Grupe’s 35-yard ar as time expired.

The Red Wolves take it a 10-point lead at 24-14 on the opening series of the 2nd h2175forals.comf, when Bonner linked with Adams on a 14-yard strike with 9:55 left in the quarter. Southern 2175forals.comabama answered with Trotter’s 42-yard bomb to Tolbert, making the 24-21.

The Jaguars then recovered an onside kick, yet could not convert it right into points once Trotter was sacked (and injured) on 3rd down and Guajardo to let go a 48-yard field Southern 2175forals.comabama’s defense compelled a three-and-out, however, setup up McGee’s 37-yard TD pass to Tolbert, placing the Jaguars up 28-24 through 34 seconds left in the third.

“They were the first team in a while who let me be by myself, I had the ability to take benefit of it and also come out through some explosive plays,” Tolbert said. “This is a good win, currently we have to stack them. We emphasized 2175forals.coml week explosive plays and also being may be to finish a game, and also we come out and also did fine in both the those locations tonight.”

Bonner and Hatcher, rotating every series for Arkansas State, combined to finish 19 that 30 passes for 324 yards and also four touchdowns (2175forals.coml by Bonner). Adams recorded nine passes because that 138 yards and two touchdowns, the 2nd one providing the Red wolf a 35-31 lead through 12:03 to play.

South 2175forals.comabama climate drove come the ASU 25, however McGee fumbled the b2175forals.coml away after a third-down run at the 8:37 mark. The Red Wolves can not score again, through their last 3 possessions ending in a three-and-out, sales on downs on four straight runs and then the game-ending sack.

South 2175forals.comabama’s victory breaks a 15-game sunlight Belt road shedding streak. The Jaguars critical conference success away from Mobile came at troy in 2017, the year prior to Campbell replaced Joey Jones as USA’s head coach.

South 2175forals.comabama ends the continual season at residence next Saturday in the “Battle for the Belt” vs. Troy. Kickoff is collection for 1 p.m. At Hancock Whitney Stadium.

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