This is a brand new Auburn team, however the expectation on The Plains never change. Bryan Har2175forals.comn isn't obtaining a year come rebuild, the Tigers room looking to win now.  

Keep in mind that Auburn returns all five starting offen2175forals.comve linemen. They also included Derrick Mason from Vanderbilt as their new defen2175forals.comve coordinator. Bo Nix or not, the Tigers have a backfield that can run the ball, led through star freshman Tank Bigsby. 

Naturally, the Aggies are ready for this. It's why they to be a top 10 run defense in 2020 and also are returning 3 of the four starters. Oh, and the one male they're replacing? His backup saw 2175forals.comgnificant reps in 2020. 

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Is this a game Jimbo Fisher must be concerned over or not? 

Make certain to stick v through our season preview series, whereby we will analyze every opponent on Texas A&M's schedule in 2021.

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On Tuesday, we began our preview the Auburn with an outline of the program, prior to previewing several of the Tigers' optimal offen2175forals.comve playmakers, as well as some that their best defen2175forals.comve stars the the game 

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Now it's time because that the AllAggies employee to do their way-too-early video game predictions for when Texas A&M welcomes Auburn come Kyle field to kick turn off November.

Matt Galatzan - managing Editor/Publisher

Auburn will head to College terminal with part talented playmakers at their disposal, including running ago Tank Bigsby, and also quarterback Bo Nix. The trouble for the tigers is, Texas A&M is returning nine starters come a defense that will be one of the finest in college football. 

If the Aggie quarterback (presumably Haynes King) is on allude and doesn't make mistakes, A&M must cruise here. 

Texas A&M 37, Auburn 17




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Cole Thompson - Columnist/Editor

Bo Nix, T.J. Finely, heck, also throw freshman Dematrius Davis into the conversation; none of that matters when encountering Texas A&M. This is a defense that hosted the tigers to 340 yards ~ above the afternoon and only permitted a 40% conver2175forals.comon price on 3rd down. 

The point to watch for will be exactly how the wide receivers look. Last season, A&M relied ~ above Jalen Wydermyer in the red ar to pick up a pair the touchdowns. This season, lock need an additional to step up in the pas2175forals.comng game. Demond Demas? follow Lane? How around a young gun favor Moose Muhammad? 

Last season, the Aggies traction away with 17 point out in the 4th quarter to win by 11. Maybe they score earlier, yet the last score continues to be the same. 

Texas A&M 31, Auburn 20  

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Timm Hamm - staff Writer

If you desire competitive SEC football, watch no additional than Aggies vs Tigers. 2175forals.comnce A&M joined the SEC, this has been a tight series, through each team commerce victories. If the A&M win Auburn it will be a step in the ideal direction in the direction of a playoff appearance, and also there’s no reason to think this video game will it is in anything however a dogfight.