The 2nd episode of earlier to the Future is here and also we have actually a handy-dandy walkthrough to assist you the end if you run into any trouble as Marty and also Doc proceed their time-traveling sojourn.

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The walkthrough includes story spoilers and screenshots that reveal an essential moments in the episode, so I"ve tucked the walkthrough after the jump.

Read the finish walkthrough of back to the Future - episode 2: gain Tannen! ~ the jump!

Back to the Future - illustration 2: obtain Tannen! starts on the nation road in 1931 whereby Marty rescued Doc from kid Tannen in ~ the finish of the ahead episode. Marty discovers that his and Doc"s meddling in 1931 readjusted something in the timeline to reason him to start to fade away. It"s time to number out what resulted in that and also to fix the timeline.



After finding out that Arthur McFly to be beaten and also left for dead, most likely by son Tannen in retaliation for answering the subpoena Marty served him in the last episode, Doc and also Marty job-related to number out what to do.


Marty and also Doc decision to go back to right before everything began to walk awry and begin come prepare the DeLorean come travel back in time. Just as they’re making their final preparations an regrettably visitor appears – Officer Parker of the Hill valley Police Department. He begins questioning Doc Brown together Marty attempts to continue to be hidden. Circle about the DeLorean, back and forth together Doc evades Parker and drops the automobile keys in ~ the behind bumper ar of the car. When Doc and Parker are at the prior of the auto after Doc’s to reduce the keys, seize the secrets from the soil behind the car and continue circling around the vehicle until you can return come the driver’s seat. Marty will rate away and also travel back in time, leaving Doc and also Officer Parker in his wake. Hill valley Courthouse Square - 1931


As Marty returns to the moment right before Arthur testifies versus Kid Tannen that runs right into Edna. Respond to her with any of the dialog choices before moving on and also seeing Marty’s yesterday-self talking to Young Emmett top top the courthouse steps. Lock can’t view the current version the Marty, so staying hidden is a must. Einstein spots present Marty and runs end to investigate, drawing the fist of yesterday Marty. He need to not spot current Marty.


When Einstein autumn the stick at Marty’s feet take it and also look about the courtyard. Litter the stick in ~ Edna, resulting in him to run over come her and also scare the life daylights the end of her. The commotion paint, etc yesterday Marty to operation over and also calm the instance with Edna down. The troubles don’t end there though, as boy Tannen’s goons are warm on Arthur’s trace to rotate his lights the end permanently. Marty must stop the from happening.

As Marty nears the courthouse he runs into Young Emmett who asks because that some aid with coming up v 1.21 kilowatts of strength for the rocket drill from the vault episode. Once he asks why the need to visit with Arthur in the courthouse, provide him any of the responses and also as yesterday Marty approaches, current Marty paint, etc Emmett’s attention away therefore he have the right to slip right into hiding. Currently Marty has a clean shot come the courthouse.

Select the courthouse doors from Marty’s hiding spot and also Marty will method the courthouse. Together he beginning Arthur exits the structure but Marty captures him and tells the he’s in danger. Just as they’re about to walk to safety Kid Tannen’s guys ambush them, among them bludgeoning Marty in the head. Marty has to keep up v them for this reason he doesn’t lose their trail, luckily that spots among Tannen’s goons walking towards the soup kitchen throughout the courtyard. Run to the soup kitchen and also as Marty nears, a cutscene starts where child Tannen’s goons take him inside. Marty must acquire inside the speakeasy to stand any kind of chance at saving his grandfather. Look approximately the alley because that the tool Box, north its contents, and also get inside. Tannen’s goon will certainly take package inside the speakeasy and also Marty will be one step closer to conserving his grandfather. El kid Speakeasy - 1931

As Marty finds self in the speakeasy he realizes he’s walk to have to handle Tannen’s henchmen for this reason he have the right to get access to Arthur.

First thing’s first: taking Zane the end of the picture. The chloroform the goons used on Arthur is some powerful stuff, so that might come in handy. Seize the chloroform bottle from the counter and also pick increase the paper of record with the word video game on it while you’re in ~ it. Use the chloroform party on the ink well on the counter and since Zane paints therefore close to the canvas, the results of the chloroform will certainly knock him the end immediately. That’s one nasty henchman the end of the way.

Next, Marty’s obtained to take Matches out. To produce a distraction and also get Cueball the end of the room he’s walking to have to switch the neon sign next to the bar on therefore it will certainly blow a fuse. Trigger the switch and also Cueball will go to run upstairs to obtain a brand-new fuse and also it’s just you, Arthur, and also Matches. Press the panic button switch on the underside that the bar respond to to lure Matches over. Try using the chloroform top top Matches; the won’t work yet he will be able to trigger the panic switch off and cause a party to fall near Marty. Grab the bottle and also repeat the neon authorize trick together Cueball will have actually likely returned. As soon as Cueball is unable to do again cause the panic button to attract Matches end to Marty and use the bottle on him come knock the out.

Marty’s saved Arthur together George’s picture is no longer fading far (and neither is Marty). A cutscene begins as Marty takes Arthur, in the DeLorean,, back to where he left Doc and also Officer Parker earlier and also picks up Doc. Doc and Marty leave Arthur in ~ a bus stop, warning him to steer clean of kid Tannen but to continue to be in Hill sink so he can meet Sylvia, Marty’s grandmother. They take off and return come 1986.

McFly Residence – 1986

As Marty return to his home whatever seems normal, yet as the knocks on the door and hears a terrified George and also Lorraine McFly, he to know things are bad. Answer with any type of dialog choices you like and also George will let Marty in. As the door opens and George is no his normal self, Biff arrives on the scene, and also he’s as challenging as ever – and also he has actually two brothers.

Speak to him and his brothers, asking what taken place to George and also eventually Biff will strike with the baseball bat in his hand. DUCK under his strike and choose any type of dialog selection you prefer to development the scene. Dodge the following attack and also choose one more dialog an option to progression the scene even further. JUMP over the next attack and choose one more dialog an option to continue. Dodge again and ask one more question of the Tannen brothers. JUMP end the following attack and continue the conversation. Dodge the next attack and ask an additional question. This time DUCK under the attack and Biff’s bat will certainly strike the bug catcher and electrocute him and his brothers once they concerned his aid.

As Marty reels ago from the injured Tannen brothers, a limousine containing an aged kid Tannen stops him. Just as child readies his aim, Doc slams right into the ago of the limo and also saves Marty’s life. Doc explains what that knows, although they have to still uncover what caused the timeline to end up being altered, and head earlier to 1931.

Hill sink Courthouse Square – 1931

Marty is ago in Courthouse Square and also must acquire to the speakeasy for this reason he can obtain to the bottom that why the timeline has been altered. Head come the ago of the soup kitchen and into the alleyway where Marty snuck right into the speakeasy earlier. Observe the passcode the man at the door provides to acquire in, the an essential to getting in is making certain THE very first SYLLABLE the THE CORRECT an answer SOUNDS choose THE last SYLLABLE of THE concern ASKED. Making use of that code will allow Marty accessibility to the El boy speakeasy, this time without sneaking inside a box. El kid Speakeasy - 1931

He’s got to get right come finding the end why Trixie won’t betray son anymore, favor she is supposed to do. Wait until she’s excellent singing and also steps turn off the stage and also speak come her. Ask her around Kid Tannen and also Arthur McFly – she opens up up after son stops by and pushes her roughly some. As soon as she reveals the Arthur McFly is the only person that would certainly convince her to turn Kid Tannen in agree to uncover him. Head toward the leave where kid Tannen and Matches will protect against Marty. Son Tannen will certainly ask you Marty where he’s from, reply by saying that you’re among them, a mobster. He’ll ask because that proof – pull the end the yellow pistol lighter the Marty choose up in alternate 1986 and show it to Matches and Kid who believe J.J. Valenti himself gave it to him. They’ll allow Marty walk on his means so now, it’s turn off to find Emmett and Einstein therefore they have the right to assist with the search for Arthur. Hill sink Courthouse Square – 1931

As Marty enters Courthouse Square he spots Doc in the home window of the flophouse nearby, head end there to acquire the scoop on what’s going on. Currently it’s time to discover Emmett and also Einstein again.

Head end to Edna’s “Salvation Station” in the facility of the square and speak to her, choosing any kind of dialog choices you wish. In the middle of the conversation Emmett and Einstein burst top top the step in dramatic fashion. Walk over to the gazebo and also speak come Emmett. He’ll carry out a demonstrate of his “Car of the Future” and leave Einstein stranded top top the roof that the Hill sink Courthouse. Head end to the flophouse and go inside to speak come Doc Brown and get some help in order to rescue his canine friend. Marty really doesn’t have actually time for this does he? as soon as inside, call Doc about Einstein’s plight and he will agree to help. Marty must go back outside to distract Emmett for this reason Doc deserve to go come work.

Walk end to Edna’s was standing again and lure her right into accosting Young Emmett around the dog being stranded ~ above the roof. She’ll head over to Emmett and keep him busy while Doc rescues Einstein via paris DeLorean. Currently that Einstein is for sure he have the right to resume his search for Arthur.

Show Einstein Arthur’s pipe and it’s turn off to find the elder McFly – he’s at the theatre. When the discovery cutscene has played the end it’s time to store moving. Head earlier to the flophouse to grab Arthur McFly to do his rendezvous with Trixie Trotter at the El kid speakeasy. El child Speakeasy – 1931

The only means Marty is walking to gain Trixie to go outside and meet with Arthur is by bring about some kind of disturbance in the speakeasy that will keep boy Tannen busy. This is going come take some clever thinking.

Talk to Trixie within the speakeasy and also tell her Artie is outside. She will go outside and Kid Tannen will seem suspicious. A loud noise comes end the waiting from the alleyway and also Trixie comes back saddened. Go outside to investigate what happened and have Marty check the bloodstain there. As you investigate, son Tannen come out and explains the he fear Arthur turn off so it’s ago to the drawing board – go ago inside the bar.

Once within the speakeasy speak come Zane at the bar and also ask him around his caricatures, also asking the to attract one of Marty. Display Zane the picture of George from her inventory and have him draw a picture, it will certainly look similar to Arthur. Take it the caricature and also post it increase on the empty an are on the caricature wall nearby. Head over to Trixie to start the following stage the the plan.

Speak to Trixie and draw her fist to the caricature of Artie (George) top top the wall. This leads her to believe Kid Tannen reneged on their deal to preventive Arthur for this reason she discover what she has actually that will land the outlaw Tannen in the clink, federal taxes evasion charges. She goes over to Officer Parker but he’s too drunk come care. It’s time for Marty to continue his plan.

Talk come Officer Parker that is a blubbering drunk. He allows slip the his atmosphere is influenced by Trixie’s singing so it’s going come take some manipulation of her songs to acquire him to assist you out through this. Head over to the paper music next to Cueball ~ above the piano and also switch the paper music on his playlist come the SAD SONG. Cueball will play the sad song now so now it’s time because that Marty to talk to Officer Parker and hear what his troubles are. When he gets to the component in the story about his mystery for gaining “classy women” it’s time come head ago to the paper music close to Cueball and switch it to the mystery SONG. Go ago over to Officer Parker and also he will proceed his story. Officer Parker’s next mood isn’t one that have the right to be helped by any kind of songs Trixie has up her sleeve for this reason it’s time to pay a visit come Edna the end in Courthouse Square. Hill valley Courthouse Square - 1931

Go fulfill with Edna out in the Courthouse Square and ask her about her song. Once she asks Marty if he desires to hear it again to speak yes and also listen to her belt out her song. Once she’s finished, ask she for a copy the the tune lyrics so they deserve to be switched into the song choice queue in the El son speakeasy. Make way back to the speakeasy to continue the conversation through Officer Parker. El kid Speakeasy – 1931

Once within the speakeasy once again head end to Trixie and use Edna’s lyric sheet on her. If she’s distracted Marty locations the new lyrics ~ above the table and also takes the old ones so she will certainly sing Edna’s tune to inspire Officer Parker. Go earlier over come the sheet music by Cueball and switch the song to friend SHOULD treatment - Trixie begins singing and also it’s time to speak v Officer Parker again. This convinces Officer Parker come sober up and also make his arrest on boy Tannen, that is unfortunately gone. He division up the speakeasy gathering and arrests Matches, however not before the goon deduces Marty is not part of the Valenti gang. On height of that, son Tannen has actually Doc captive and is going to death him since he to trust he’s the speakeasy bomber for this reason there’s no time come lose. Speakeasy Alley – 1931

Back in the alleyway outside of the speakeasy Marty talks to Officer Parker and also then must uncover a means to locate Kid Tannen and save Doc. Look approximately the alley for the flask left behind through Kid, it’s top top a crate near the trash. Usage the flask ~ above Einstein and also he’ll lead Marty come a Herbert Hoover poster ~ above the wall. Einstein tears in ~ the poster and finds a button underneath. Press the button to reveal Kid Tannen’s mystery hiding spot where he has actually none other than Edna Strickland, the real speakeasy bomber hostage. Officer Parker steps in and also tries to arrest Kid, only to have Kid unleash a barrage that bullets ~ above them. It’s time to defeat kid Tannen and also send him come the slammer while maintaining Edna safe.

From behind the police car, distract boy Tannen repetitively by calling out to the (select child Tannen in the window high above). When Edna is the end of the garage and laying top top the ground run from barrel, to crate, come barrel to obtain closer come her. While there, a barrel will loss down and spring a leak. Seize the barrel and use that on the gap in the garage door come send it rolling in. Usage the total lighter on the liquor trail and it’ll cause the garage come explode, leaving Edna through a possibility to escape from her bindings.

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Kid escapes up the adjacent ladder only to discover Young Emmett high above repairing his experimental car. Kid takes him hostage but Doc is down listed below giving Marty indict on what come do. As Emmett falls Kid notices Marty and realizes the he’s responsible. He traction a knife on Marty and also threatens his life. Pick the exploit from the auto when child lunges forward and that sets into motion Doc flying boy right right into the hands of Officer Parker and also the Hill sink police force.

Doc and also Marty set out because that 1986 with points seemingly every under control yet things are not as they seem. TO be CONTINUED