one of the main completion work in Assassin"s Creed Odyssey is to destroy the cult the stole your sibling, The Cult that Kosmos. Hunting down its members will at some point take the player to the Obsidian Islands, wherein they may fulfill a woman called Roxana. She has lost every one of her family, and she now dedicates every one of her energy to win a regional combat competition to the fatality — this tournament is dubbed The battle of One hundred Hands.

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The player"s adventures command them to sign up with this tournament, meaning they have to kill all their opponents... Including Roxana. However, there is a means to spare her life in ~ the finish of the questline. It hinges on 2 variables: the player must have participated in training for the tournament through Roxana, and also they must have romanced her during those quests.

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speak to To arms (Melos)

The player will accomplish Drakios in Melos. He"s calling out for warriors, heroes, and also mercenaries to sign up for the fight of One hundred Hands. The boasts about the possibility to test their mettle versus the ideal warriors near and also far. When speaking to the player, that reveals that the occasion is donate by the Cult the Kosmos, yet won"t get in the details uneven they victory the tournament.

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as soon as the player agrees to participate, Drakios will certainly tell them that they must train with an additional competitor so that they deserve to vouch because that one another"s abilities. There"s an option to bribe him and also avoid this section, however don"t take it it: it will eliminate the ability to conserve Roxana at the finish of the questline.

Working with Roxana is the following step to gaining into the tournament, and it"s a compelled step if the player desires to save her life. They have the right to actually meet Roxana and train with her prior to speaking v Drakios, if castle prefer. She will certainly test the player with 3 challenges: sparring, archery, and also racing.

Sparring v Roxana

In the very first segment, Roxana and also the player spar with melee weapons. The dialogue options during this search don"t change much, other than offering some background about why Roxana is joining the Battle. She reveals she father, mother, and also brother all died during the contest, and also she desires to end up being Champion in your honour.


win the battle versus Roxana. Afterwards, the player will go through Roxana come a shipwreck ~ above the adjacent shore because that target practice.

Archery Practice

The archery segment top top the coast is the very first opportunity the player will get to flirt with Roxana. Take all flirt alternatives that room provided, because romancing her is forced in order to conserve her life later. 

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During this segment, the player needs to death all the wolves v their bow and also arrow. Performing well at this job earns some admiration indigenous Roxana, yet doesn"t do or rest the romance. As soon as they"ve finished, they"ll acquire to flirt through Roxana one much more time prior to returning to city for the last challenge.

Foot Race

The foot race is as basic as that sounds. The player will race versus Roxana to reach the "high point" the the island (appropriately called Lover"s Leap). Afterwards, the pair will certainly take a break to chat together they overlook the land and sea beyond.


The first couple of dialogue choices of this pursuit don"t make a difference. Towards the end, however, the player requirements to encourage Roxana"s flirtations.

When Roxana says: "That"s Melos island appropriate there. Wherein so plenty of warriors go to die. At the Battle, we may need to fight each other. And also only one of us will certainly survive."

The player must respond: "Let"s not talk around that."

When Roxana says: "How"s this because that in the moment?"

The player have to respond: "It"ll do."

This will an outcome in the 2 of castle spending the night together and parting in the morning.

The an excellent Contender

as soon as the player return to speak to Drakios, they deserve to commence the fight of One hundred Hands. ~ listening to Drakios" speech, the tournament will start and also the player must clear their battlefield of various other enemies.


Roxana will certainly not be amongst the battle aircraft they face. Once they have actually slaughtered all their opponents and returned come the city gates, Drakios reveals that Roxana has likewise survived and that the two must fight come the death.

Legend No More

Legend No an ext is the last quest in the battle of One Hundred hand series. In it, the player can either kill Roxana and also claim the location or recruitment her together a sublieutenant for their ship.

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The dialogue choices during this section are an important to saving Roxana"s life.

After Roxana says: "There"s no escaping ours fate, misthios."

The player should respond: "We don"t need to do this."

After Roxana says: "I"m start to think there are things more important 보다 riches and also glory."

The player must respond: "Recruit - sign up with me."

Drakios will be outraged and also insist that there need to be a champion. When his equipped guards (scions that the Cult the Kosmos) run to his aid, Roxana and Kassandra must slaughter castle all. The pair shares a final, touching minute together looking out over the sea.

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