Welcome come Extinct Attractions. This week, we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving and also being with household (safely) by feather at some of the many family-friendly attractions at the parks.

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Disneyland doesn’t really celebrate for Thanksgiving due to the fact that of the flow in between Halloween and also Christmas, 2 decidedly bigger holidays. It provides sense, yet I love Thanksgiving and also don’t really start celebrating Christmas till after the so late November day. What renders the holiday so distinct to me is the I acquire to spend the day with family and also experience all of the legacies that go in addition to it.


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Bear in the huge Blue House first hit the airwaves on October 20, 1997 and quickly ended up being one the the most famous Disney Channel shows. Ns remember watching it all the moment as a kid, love the puppets and also Bear (but always being a little scared that Luna, the moon).

With the present doing well, Disney realized the they were doing not have family-friendly to chat in Disney-MGM Studios, v two that the 3 park’s bigger additions (Tower that Terror and also Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster) in the mid to so late 90s not being attractions that households with younger children could enjoy. Come remedy the issue, be afflicted with in the big Blue house – Live on stage debuted ~ above June 7, 1999 in the animation Courtyard.

I just went come Disney civilization once once the display was there and I was an extremely young, however some memories definitely came flooding back watching this display for this week’s blog. I might be conflating some of those memories through the show’s successor, however I’m sure that small me love the show because I might not get sufficient of the television show as a kid.

Bear in the huge Blue residence – Live on stage wasn’t just fun because that kids, either as I was in reality really impressed through the production value that the present watching it now. It to be a clever idea to integrate puppets with walkaround characters, just like in the television show. Plus, there to be a lot of songs that kept youngsters entertained, while additionally teaching some nice morals around acceptance and also finding oneself.

But of course, the highlight of the display was gaining to dance along with Bear to the “Bear Cha Cha Cha.” The experience started a tendency in future iterations that the show where dancing became a crucial element that the show due to the fact that let’s challenge it, what small kid doesn’t want to jump and dance around?

After a couple of years, be afflicted with in the huge Blue residence – Live on stage closed on respectable 4, 2001, so the Bear could welcome in some new friends come the gang.


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Playhouse Disney – Live on Stage opened up in Disney-MGM Studios ~ above October 1, 2001, while personalities from Rolie Polie, Olie; Stanleyand The publication of Poohalso joined in top top the fun. Many of these personalities were likewise controlled by puppeteers so at one suggest there were three various shows through a huge amount that puppets at Walt Disney human being (including The trip of the little Mermaid and The Legend the the Lion King), maintaining puppeteers in the Orlando area an extremely happy.

The present was very comparable in structure to its predecessor, with a many of emphasis on songs and also dancing, and also a human “host” to keep relocating things along. The present worked to impart lessons on youngsters around friendship and caring because that others.

I likewise saw this present as a kid, however by the moment my memories of it begin to kick in, i was a bit old because that the show, so they weren’t together fond as I’d be forced to check out it every when in a while because that my tiny brothers. However, i maybe only saw this display once in Florida due to the fact that by the point, a variation of the show has opened across the country at Disney’s California Adventure.


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When California Adventure very first opened, there was a restaurant called ABC Soap Opera Bistro in Hollywood pictures Backlot, where there to be recreations of some of the set from alphabet soap operas (who’d’ve guessed?). The restaurant to be not very popular, so v California Adventure yes, really struggling in those early on years, the decision was made come gut the restaurant and put in a version of Playhouse Disney – Live ~ above Stage. The display opened April 11, 2003 and also immediately assisted provide an ext activities for households in a park devoid of those experiences at the beginning. ~ a few years, they made a slight readjust to the show, replacing Rolie, Polie, Oliewith Jojo’s Circus, just to store things as much as date.

In 2008, the shows experienced complete re-imaginings with every one of the television shows formerly represented being replaced by brand-new Playhouse Disney mirrors in Mickey computer mouse Clubhouse, comfortable Manny, small Einsteinsand my Friends Tigger & Pooh.

Meanwhile, the success in this parks resulted in the decision to open up one much more version the the show at Walt Disney Studios Paris top top April 4, 2009, instead of Walt Disney TV Tour: CyberSpace Mountain.


For the next few years, the display remained relatively unchanged until January the 2011 once the California Adventure present closed on the 11th and also Hollywood Studios top top the 30th to adjust into Disney junior – Live on Stage due to the fact that Playhouse Disney was being rebranded together Disney Junior.

The reflects reopened on march 25, 2011 and March 27, 2011 in California Adventure and Hollywood Studios, respectively, with characters from Jake and the never Land Pirates replacing My friends Tigger & Pooh. Indigenous there, the shows remained unchanged for a couple of years till 2013 once Sofia the an initial and Doc McStuffins kicked comfortable Manny and small Einsteins to the curb, keeping Mickey mouse Clubhouseas the only original show to remain. Interestingly, these changes only influenced the American versions together the Parisian version continued to be pretty much the same from opening to close, only an altering its surname over the years.

All of the execution of the show were pretty constant in their method of utilizing puppets to carry the characters from the mirrors to life, through a secure dose the songs, dancing and morals. Overall, it was a to win formula for households with tiny kids who simply wanted to see their favorite personalities as often as possible. Eventually, Disney chose to reimagine the concept again though, with the shows closing in California Adventure top top April 9, 2017; Hollywood Studios ~ above September 2, 2018; and also Walt Disney Studios Park top top April1, 2019. Luckily, reflects that offer the same function took their location with Disney Junior dance Party now residing in the American parks and also Disney junior Dream Factory set to open sometime following year in Paris.

The shows might not have appealed come older audiences, but they served their duties well, entertaining numerous children and also giving parents a break that they necessary in the middle of the day, and also for that, ns commend them.

Well, that’s all for this week, yet here room your clues for next week.

This show had a quick late 1980s run at the Videopolis Theater.This display commemorated the golden anniversary the a Disney film.This show was taped and also appeared on Disney Channel.

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