I can’t figure out who is crazier top top Below Deck Mediterranean: brand-new third stew June Foster or billionaire charter guest Jackie Siegel. This two space two urchins in a reef that live in your own human beings – that probably much better that they remain there instead of permeating ours.

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The trek to picnic at Eze continues. Up a mountain, down a mountain, increase a mountain, down a mountain, increase an blow up slide, under an inflatable… five wait, haha! That’s only for half the crew! The rest of the crew is top top a an especially odious Amazing race challenge featuring deck chairs and also how countless can be carried at as soon as without a foot being broken (the chair’s or the human’s – no matter!).

Joao Franco and the remainder of the team at Eze ultimately get every little thing to the peak (with Jackie is whining because that food favor a petulant child) that there’s no cutlery and no one is answering the radio since Captain Sandy Yawn has actually them all frolicking in the water under the auspice of crew training. Or producers simply wanted another opportunity come showcase Anastasia Surmava in a thong bikini.

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Instead of flinging a cooler top top the ground and losing she shit (like i would) Aesha Scott simply sends Colin down to among the beach restaurants to buy part plastic forks. Next comes the task of setup all this gear up. You’d think the guests could spend that time shopping, or visiting among the many seaside bars because that a pretty aperitif, yet nope! They reportedly consider civilization doing work – work-related for their delight – your own an individual reality show.

That renders for rather a microcosm within a microcosm effect, no it? serious while the crew is climb on rooftops come affix shade umbrellas Jackie rambles on about how a butterfly landed on her thumb.

Once she finally sitting down to lunch Jackie renders a toast to being a billionaire. Exactly how quaint!

In their moment of tranquility (all among them) Aesha asks June what happened with the cutlery she was supposed to have packed. What occurred was that June to be worried about her very own lunch and also forgot all about Jackie’s lunch. At first, June kinda owns as much as it. Then, she blames Hannah Ferrier for no double-checking she work.

After all, it’s just June’s second day ~ above the job… however still if you say you’ve packed the cutlery, climate you best pack the cutlery! Or in ~ least twin check your very own work. Or in ~ least, at least admit to gift overwhelmed through Jackie demanding to leaving an hour previously for the picnic and also simply forgetting in every the mayhem. Aesha decides to keep a closer eye ~ above June and also warns Hannah later.

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After the arduous trek to feed Jackie, anyone is groggy and also grumpy – specifically Joao. And they still have to obtain all this shit under OFF the mountain. I’m not certain who had the worst task: Aesha, who had to continue to be behind and wait for hrs while Jackie spent thousands ~ above trinkets and jewelry, and practiced she French, which is composed of speak “Tres Sexy” come to her own reflection; or June, Joao and also Colin Macy-O’Toole who had to haul all the lunch provisions back to the tender, i beg your pardon required about 10 trips each, only to discover the crew continuing to be on Sirocco had the afternoon off to job-related on their tans!

I’m going through Aesha! After every Jackie bought a symbolic butterfly ring that expense $30k as Aesha stood by, and also was probably so hungry she tried come eat the strap off the purse she bought from Amazon.

Joao is furious. He tells Hannah over and also over exactly how they should’ve had an ext people, especially due to the fact that Hannah has actually been to Eze and knew what a huge job the was. Yet Hannah is all you had 2 stews, and didn’t radio for another, so no my prob, Jezabob!


In reality, Hannah, who is experiencing relaxed working relationships with Joao walk the mature adult thing and promises to do an ext research next time. Hannah meant more research top top June, yet Joao doesn’t need to know that! speaking of June, when Aesha is still out there babysitting a drunk, disorderly (and really rich) Amelia Bedilia, June drops asleep climate oversleeps for the dinner shift.

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When Hannah wakes she up June leaps straight up, hair every askew, having no idea whereby she also is because she to be dreaming of lunch. Colin is smitten. Just Colin whose only exposure come women has come indigenous his mother’s leg club and Housewives acquisition their kids on the ferry. Oh Colin…

If yesterday’s dinner to be a solemn event of the death of morality, however this dinner is a decidedly different theme: a celebration event of life to honor Jackie’s late daughter Victoria.


June is an alleged to it is in doing turndown, however June is favor a butterfly; flitting about, landing randomly top top things, and also not really ever moving in any direction. Yet it provided her the possibility to have actually a yes, really sweet moment with Jackie. She showed June a picture of she daughter Victoria and also shared that she believed the butterfly which came down on her finger in Eze was her daughter’s spirit. June bursts into tears, real and genuine tears, since she lost her father suddenly 2 years back to the day.

June likewise truly believes the butterfly to be Victoria. Because Jackie just knows just how to to buy people’s love she repays June because that this moment by providing her the $30k butterfly ring. Obviously, June to be doing all this emoting instead of turn-downs, climate forgot about turn-downs and also wandered off right into her cabin leaving Hannah to remind her that she isn’t actually a guest on this yacht, yet an employee. Open minded – who does June think she is – Jack Stirrup?!

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All the emotions and exhaustion has also Aesha bursting into tears. Not because she had to suffer through the buying of the ring only to have it so callously handed away, but due to the fact that she’s reasoning of she brother. Aesha cries into Jack’s arms and then when he gets dubbed away to execute Joao’s bidding, she makes Travis Michalzik host her. It to be oh-so really nice, but when Aesha gets excited around something her voice becomes so shrill she can connect with dogs. Or under the sea life. Aesha literally sounds favor a cartoon pet in heat.

But Hannah is avoiding it all. Emotions, together we know, space not her solid suit unless that feeling is indignant disbelief or “HONEY…” i m sorry is basically the very same thing. But even Hannah is emotion the feels enough to share the her own brother pass away when she was a child and suddenly her family members had please apart. A celebration of resides indeed. Also a celebration of 90’s Mariah Carey if you count the butterflies and also honey!

At Jackie’s request, Anastasia has to feed them the sex-related organs the sea urchins, which require puncturing the very spiny shell with small pinchers climate extracting part neon orange goo and also making other edible with it. Jackie describes that urchins taste favor a parenting baby’s poop. She knows from endure of acquiring it on she finger. I am tho THROWING up AT that IMAGE. Throw UP. LITERALLY throwing UP. (Sorry – I had actually to gain that out.)

It was only organic to pair the urchins v a duo the scallops i ordered it to look choose breasts. Hannah doesn’t think everyone will notice amid every the other fake boobs floating around.

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After dinner, Jackie wants to send Chinese lanterns into the wait to honor Victoria, however the remainder of the guests want to go party in Monte Carlo. Jack is dispatched to prepare the tender and Sandy speak him to placed on pair of shoes if he’s going to be taking the guests to shore. Guess who is no going to put on shoes?! also worse Jack goes to his cabin, ostensibly to acquire the shoes, but instead make the efforts on suits to wear because that his date with Aesha.

Then, he transforms off the radio therefore as deliberately to no hear Joao calling him about the tender. Jack do the efforts on around 4 suits yet never managed to put on shoes. When he ultimately makes his appearance at the dock, Joao is furious. And also rightfully so. I dislike agreeing with Joao on anything, but seriously dude?! Really?!

As soon as the guests room dropped off, Joao confronts Jack about the absent shoes, however Jack’s feet are complimentary and beautiful butterflies that cannot it is in caged except by Jackie’s AmEx after she guilds them through gold. Kuddos to Joao for maintaining his patience while call Jack’s habits immature. Jack responds by immaturely complaining that he can’t hear to Joao’s directives due to the fact that Joao no treat him with respect.

Joao is appropriate on all accounts. A) respect is earned, Jack. B) SANDY asked that to put on shoes, no Joao, and C) Jack is lazy AF. Jack’s only great points are his charming personality and his knowledge of how to get the lanterns to float. For the ceremony Jackie has actually Aesha and June likewise write messages on lanterns for your loved ones, however as they shot to send them into an are all the lanterns crash right into the ocean. Jack is the only one v the magic touch…

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Of course, this is the night the doesn’t end. At 4am, Sandy radios to have the guests picked up indigenous the club, and also Hannah is tho awake, literally go Jackie about as if ~ above a leash. Jackie is so wasted she wanders right into the laundry room and also is entirely confused around what it even is. ‘WASH-ER,’ Hannah explains.

I honestly assumed Jackie had actually run and also slipped, sliding down the stairs into the to wash room, however in truth she simply moved rapid as a fox, and also walked right into the ironing board which she more than likely thought was whereby the crew eats dinner. Why is Jackie constantly trying to upstairs/downstairs like this is Downton Abbey for phony royalty?

The following morning Jackie and also Co. Space up because that breakfast by 10am. Ns was expecting them to be practically thrown off the boat! There space no quail egg to be had actually so they need to eat everything Anastasia throws in prior of them: caviar. Because these civilization are nouveau riche in the excessive they will certainly literally gush end anything that is ‘on paper’ fancy. The caviar might really be the engine gunk and also Jackie would certainly proclaim that delish. The is no to to decrease Anastasia’s food preparation – she seems to it is in doing an exceptional job.

Jackie lastly departs through a 45-minute speech thanking the crew for being amazing, climate doesn’t also tip decently. Probably it’s June’s fault and Jackie assumed the she had currently given someone a phenomenally expensive ring so that was enough? Pawn that shit, June, feed your friends!

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Joao is at a loss for what to do with Jack therefore he asks Captain Sandy for advice. She useless as usual and basically suggests Joao lead the way he would desire to be led or some other Joel Olsteen crap. Joao call a meeting with the deckhands and is told by Jack the it’s his task to motivate him. Which the not. Jack is one adult, rental to execute a task – so do it. Or don’t. Yet Jack is only urged by one thing: women. So that’s Joao’s difficulty – he’s no one!

In the pointer meeting, Captain Sandy asks June exactly how she’s settling in. June decides against mentioning that Hannah is snippy and basically ignores her once not interrogating June around her love life, and instead claims everyone is great. Colin imagines June is speaking directly to that – and his quickly to be achy-break heart. Prior to the crew night out, Colin plots through Joao about how to let June recognize he’s interested in something past conversations across the ironing board.

After a degrading and exhausting charter, everyone badly needs a night out. Hannah notices June obsessing over her phone at dinner and demands an official answer on even if it is or not she has actually a boyfriend. Why is Hannah for this reason concerned about this?!

June is required to recognize that she has actually a boyfriend, yet they’re right now not speaking, for this reason they’re type of probably on a break. Colin’s really hopes are dashed completely. Then June suddenly stands up, covers her mouth and also whispers to the Anastasia the she needs to throw up as she runs to the restroom to throw up. She begs Anastasia no to phone call anyone.

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The rumors space that June might be pregnant? Possibly. The Below Deck Mediterranean cast member has posted NO instagram photos for months on end (but ns did learn she had actually written a publication on human being trafficking). The other widely supported internet theory is that June is a substantial pot head.