In Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, the counselors of Camp Firewood live approximately their promise to fulfill aacquire and also watch what kind of world they’ve become a decade after their massive, eventful summer of 1981. The new seakid of Netflix’s Wet Hot TV series additionally takes places ten years and eight weeks after the first season, First Day of Camp, which acted as a prequel to the original film, also though the actors were all 14 years older. To aid you keep track of this confmaking use of chronology — and additionally, importantly, to check out exactly how well this cast has actually aged — put together looks at all the essential players then (in the original film, on the left), then (in the first season, in the middle), and now (in Ten Years Later, on the right).

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Samm Levine as Arty “the Beekeeper” Solomon


After saving Camp Firelumber twice in one summer, Beth has actually stuck roughly as the camp director ten years later, though it’s currently in dire financial straits. At least she’s maintained her commitment to transferring roughly clipboards.

Michael Showtransform as Gerald “Coop” Cooperberg


When we revisit Katie in Ten Years Later, she’s tough at work trying to pin down what the year’s warm autumn shade will certainly be. This 20-something Katie has grown into a classic 1990s power dresser, a far cry from her roots starring in Firewood’s production of Electro-City and making out via Andy.

Paul Rudd as Andy


Paul Rudd never eras, yet Andy is beginning to burn out. By the moment he provides it to Firewood’s ten-year reunion, he’s still clinging onto the cool persona he embraced at camp — and also also obstacles a present teenage camper to a contest for the title of King of Camp.

Elizabeth Banks as Lindsay

In First Day of Camp, we uncover that Lindsay went from being an undercover journalist to an plain camper over the course of a single summer. By the time Ten Years Later rolls about, she’s ago in journalism again, diving into yet one more conspiracy surrounding Ronald Reagan and also Camp Firetimber.

Bradley Cooper/Adam Scott as Ben

Ben and also McKinley’s love is the consistent that holds Wet Hot Amerihave the right to Summer together, and also it remains as strong as ever before ten years after their wedding at Firehardwood. Ben is an architect currently, yet despite a tiny nose task to fix a deviated septum, he is in no means visibly different.

Michael Ian Black as McKinley Dozen

McKinley and Ben carry their son to their camp reunion, alongside their creepy babysitter Renata (Alyssa Milano), whom McKinley doesn’t trust.

Amy Poehler as Susie

From her humble roots as the producer — er, director-slash-choreographer — of the Firewood talent show, Susie has actually grvery own approximately be a Hollytimber significant shot, producing-slash-co-executive-creating a movie starring her beau, Garth (Jai Courtney).

Zak Orth as J.J.

The wig is back! Although J.J. hasn’t been busy cutting his hair, he’s grown into that classic ’90s archetype: the film-snob video-keep employee.

Ken Marino as Victor Pulak

Take it from Victor: Once you pretend you’ve had actually sex, it’s really, really difficult to break the halittle bit and actually have sex. Victor might obtain tons of tips as a shirtless bartender (perhaps also even more so than Paul Rudd, Ken Marino does not age), however it turns out that underneath all that swagger, he’s still a virgin.

Joe Lo Truglio as Neil

Neil really did hook up via his high-school girlfrifinish Shari (Joe Lo Truglio’s real-life wife, Beth Dover), however at the beginning of Ten Years Later, they’ve just broken up. Her brand-new boyfrifinish is a professor at Columbia College, and also he takes her to classy locations in midtown. Poor Neil.

Marisa Ryan as Abby Bernstein

In First Day of Camp, we observed Abby transcreate from childlike camper to the sex-crazy counselor we met in the Wet Hot film. In Last Day of Camp, she’s discovered a career as a sex columnist living in the city, who’s returned to Camp Firehardwood because, perhaps, she has an additional story left to tell.

Christopher Meloni as Gene/Jonas

He was dumped by Gail on the initially day of camp, and then transcreated into the bandanna-wearing chef we saw in the film. Ten years later, Gene has actually left the camp behind, yet when Firehardwood falls right into peril yet aacquire, Mitch drags him ago, in the method just a deserve to of vegetables ever before might.

Molly Shannon as Gail

Like Gene, Gail has carved out a life of her very own amethod from Firewood, yet that all gets interrupted once he stops by for a surpincrease visit and meets her daughter, who looks awfully familiar.

A.D. Miles as Gary

After spending some time under the tutelage of Jonas/Gene in the Firehardwood kitchen, Gary has actually handled a career as a real-life chef.

Nina Hellmale as Nurse Nancy

Nancy stuck roughly Camp Firehardwood, and also she’s constantly ready if you ever before need a diaphragm. Also, she’s got a tiny side point going on with Mark (Mark Feuerstein), that has actually certainly been about this totality time.

H. Jon Benjamin as Mitch

H. Jon Benjamin voiced a have the right to of combined vegetables in the original film. In First Day of Camp, we learned that he was once a actual guy. In Ten Years Later, he’s still that have the right to of vegetables … but after most physical treatment, he’s learned how to walk. He still can’t form, though.

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