Up till his visit come the Reservation and also the introductionof John, boy name Marx is the central figure of the novel. Bernard’sfirst illustration in the novel is very ironic. Just as the Directorfinishes his explanation of how the human being State has successfullyeliminated lovesickness, and everything that goes together with frustrateddesire, Huxley provides us our first glimpse into a character’s privatethoughts, and that personality is lovesick, jealous, and fiercelyangry at his sex-related rivals. Thus, if Bernard is not precisely heroic(and he becomes even less so together the novel progresses), the is stillinteresting to the reader due to the fact that he is human. The wants things thathe can’t have.

The major movement in Bernard’s personality is his risein popular after the trip to the Reservation and also his discoveryof John, followed by his terrible fall. Before and during histrip come the Reservation, boy name is lonely, insecure, and isolated.When that returns with John, he supplies his newfound popular to participatein every one of the facets of people State society that he had actually previouslycriticized, such as promiscuous sex. This about-face proves Bernardto it is in a movie critic whose deepest desire is to become what the criticizes. WhenJohn refuses to become a tool in Bernard’s effort to continue to be popular,Bernard’s success collapses instantaneously. By proceeding to criticizethe people State if reveling in that is “pleasant vices,” Bernardreveals self to be a hypocrite. John and also Helmholtz space sympatheticto him since they agree that the human being State demands criticizingand due to the fact that they recognize that young name is trapped in a human body towhich his conditioning has not suitable him, however they have actually no respectfor him. Lenina’s partnership to boy name is different: she seeshim just as a strange, amazing fellow with whom she have the right to takea rest from her partnership with Henry Foster. She is happy touse him for her own social gain, however she doesn’t have the emotionalinvestment in him the she go in John.

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