We admit to being surprised Taylor picked this. Although she carries it per usual, it"s a pastiche of points she"s worn before — right dvery own to last year"s high-low skirt in an equally bold hue. But trust Taylor to cover her bases: She debuted a brand-new bob, basically ensuring that any doubts about the dress would certainly be an afterassumed. Mastercompletely played, Tay.

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Zendaya"s wasn"t the only sartorial shout-out to David Bowie. Gaga"s custom Marc Jacobs was also an extremely on-the-nose nod to the Starguy, and also while lord knows Bowie appreciated a splash of drama, this might be oversaturated with it. At least the dress is elaborately, skillcompletely created — and also, provided her background, made of genuine apparel fairly than animal proteins. But as soon as will she grow weary of walking around with tables strapped to her feet?


Andra loves a vintage look, and also so we are not at all shocked that she showed up cloaked in satin and also fur, prefer a modern-day Joan Collins — except with even more essential, vivid pipes. No offense, Joan; obviously you"re still our patron saint of drink-throwing.

That gown has every little thing going for it: shade, texture, fit. It"s intoxicating, and also with that purplish lipstick paired through it, she"s nearly serving up a plate of Katy Perry. For a nation star on the increase who"s worked a decidedly girly vibe therefore far, this included precisely the ideal amount of edge.

At this allude, Demi Lovato knows what works on her body and for her aesthetic — and this look is smack in the middle of her wheelhouse. That"s not necessarily a poor point. After all, when somepoint works for you, why mess with it?

Chrissy Teigen is as elegantly pregnant as anyone can be in this stunning sheath, enlivened by a cape that keeps points just on the correct side of Princess Leia.

Obviously, Ciara verified up in something that is, conservatively, 65 percent skin. That"s just how she operates. She is nothing if not a creature of halittle. We"ll literally mail her $20 if she shows up at the following awards present wearing a turtleneck.

Obviously, her hair is exactly the means it constantly is — she"s choose the oppowebsite of Taylor Swift and her brand-new "perform — yet this dress, although not ground-breaking, is really pretty on her. And elegantly adult, without screaming, "I"M AN ADULT!"

At last! We"re uncovered the perkid that have the right to wear this Gucci line without looking aggressively twee or overstyled. Florence Welch really is a woman of many type of talents.

As we detailed as soon as we predicted what everyone was going to wear to this point, Tori Kelly never before met a pair of formal shorts she didn"t love. We are thrilled she took heed (C"mon, we deserve to pretfinish, right?) and flipped the switch, selecting a big formal confection rather. If you can"t execute it up substantial for a night as soon as you"re up for a major award, as soon as have the right to you?

We suspected she"d wear black; we knew she"d wear sleeves. The question was just which designer would certainly make it for her, and Kanye and also Kim"s no. 1 apparently won the honors. Does this expect everything"s coming up Yeezy? We hear he might use an increase.

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