RetroGripper here and also today I"ve been searching about for answers v this. Ideal guns/weapons in contact of Duty. Ns picked 3 games, call of Duty black Ops 3, contact of Duty: boundless Warfare, and confirmed weapons for call of Duty: WW2. For this reason IGN organized a voting contest on black Ops 3 on i beg your pardon is the finest weapons and also now share them to see what is her opinion.

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Best Launcher

BlackCell by not an extremely much it was 50.28% to 49. 72% near one.


Top 10 major Weapons

10. XR-2

9. ICR-1

8. Dingo

7. HVK-30

6. Razorback

5. VMP

4. M8A7

3. KN-44

2. Man-O-War

1. Kuda


Top 10 Worst main Weapons

10. P-06

9. Vesper

8. Sheiva

7. Weevil

6. Pharo

5. Gorgon

4. Haymaker 12

3. SVG-100

2. Drakon

1. XR-2


Call that Duty: boundless Warfare

Best Sniper(s)

KBS Longbow/Widowmaker

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Best LMG(S)


Best shotgun


Best Pistol

Oni/Kendal 44

Confirmed Weapons?

Thompson Submachine Gun


M1918 BAR

M1 Bazooka

M1 Garand


M1903 Springfield

Grease gun

And that"s every for today tune in next time as we cover... Something else ns guess choose um finest creator or uh ideal graphics miscellaneous a little more small. The reason why the list is little is due to the fact that they haven"t exit anything else. PEACE.

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