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When half-youmu Akihito Kanbara meets Mirai Kuriyama, the single survivor the a cursed clan the Spirit human being Warriors, his world will it is in forever changed!



OVA | "Shinonome"

Two years ago, the Nase siblings met Akihito because that the first time as soon as Hiroomi and Mitsuki are sent to subjugate the half-yomu.

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E1 | Carmine

When this seemingly normal boy meets a bespectacled girl top top the roof of a institution building, she leaves one hell the a first impression.


E2 | Ultramarine

Mirai go after a youmu with a little help native Akihito, hoping to do it her an initial kill. Later, castle hear around a menacing brand-new monster top top its means to town.

E3 | Moonlight Purple

The hole Shadow creeps ever closer come town. If all various other spirit warriors enter hiding, Mirai is figured out to take it it down.

E4 | bitterness Orange

Mirai and also Akihito it seems to be ~ to it is in trapped in a neverending labyrinth by the hole Shadow. However, defeating may just be the beginning.

E5 | Chartreuse Light

Mirai takes a harsh punishment because that going after ~ the hole Shadow. She"s required to take a part time job, but learns much more about it s her in the process.

E6 | Shocking Pink

A one-of-a-kind youmu with a penchant because that pretty girls offers Mirai a hard time, for this reason Akihito enlists the Literary club for support.

E7 | shade of Clouds

Akihito find a weakened Sakura and can"t help but assist her. However, later on, Sakura confronts Mirai, seek vengeance.

E8 | calming Gold

The Calm, a time of are afraid for all youmu, is rapid approaching. As the clock stirkes midnight, all youmu come to be weakened, and thus, end up being easy prey.

E9 | silver Bamboo

Akihito loses control and his youmu next awakens. Mirai, and those close to Akihito, are faced with the hardest decision of their lives.

E10 | White World

Mirai succesfully stopped past the Boundary, yet at a an excellent cost. The truth behind Mirai"s past is revealed.

E11 | black color World

Mirai"s fight with beyond the boundary rages on in a new dimension, if Akihito tries to number out just how to lug her back.

E12 | Gray World

Akihito reunites v Mirai inside beyond the Boundary. Meanwhile, the Nase household fights a various war top top the other side.

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