At first, I was into shy Japanese exchange chicks that are slim, cute, and innocent. And I had actually my fun through them. For years I endured from yellow fever before.

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But then I wanted somepoint even more fun, girls that are even more confident or also a little bitchy, yet somejust how I wanted these girls to also look innocent look from time to time.

Is tbelow anypoint hotter than an innocent cute Oriental girl, however with a little more confidence and boogie skills? Big booty ghetto Oriental chicks are a good mixture of an innocent sweet looking wife and also sex freak.

But you are no much longer into typical Eastern chicks any kind of more, you want ones with significant asses. I understand, they are truly somepoint, and the excellent news is that it shouldn’t be hard to seduce them.

Tright here is just one difficulty, they are exceptionally rare and civilization don’t recognize wbelow to discover them.

Lucky for you, I did my research.

Find Big Booty Eastern Girls


We all understand that there are excellent Oriental chicks via big booty in the US and Asia, but the problem is wright here to find them.

You have the right to find massive booty Asian girls or “Asian Baby Girl” mainly in the Los Angeles area, close to Fresno and also Sacramento. Many of these girls are Vietnamese and also South Korean or Chinese. There are some distinctions in between them.

Korean Girls are typically ghetto chicks and “party forms,” they are the Oriental indistinguishable of “white trash.”

You will certainly uncover these girls in Eastern clubs in those locations. Chicks are generally surrounded by males in frifinish areas that act difficult but in fact, are exceptionally weak. They dream of ending up being an Eastern gangster, so they try to dress and also act favor rappers. Korean ghetto girls love to be polimelted and they are commonly gold diggers.

Another point around Oriental massive booty ghetto chicks (this likewise uses to Bangkok girls) is that they are Instagram addicts, most Oriental warm girls are wannabe social influencers.

With all the attention they gain from Asian “gangster” beta males roughly them, they become bitchy. They are not as slutty as they seem (tatas well, piercing, weird haircut, etc.) and also they normally stick to their very own type. They are hard to method but straightforward to game. So, when you defuse her bitch shield and begin talking to her, the rest must be easier than with other girls.

South Asian big booty girls tend to be attracted to difficult men, at least guys that look difficult and gangster, nerds are not their kind and they are disgusted by them.

Chinese women that have massive butts and also excellent body are comparable to Korean girls that I just defined, yet they have fewer tattoos, they are much less bitchy, and yes, they are party girls however not party maniacs favor Oriental girls. You will have the a lot of success through Chinese girls

Usually, Chinese girls with huge booty are simple to discover in Sichuan/Chongqing area in China. It’s a mountainous region and also girls have thick legs and fat asses. Also have actually in mind that acquiring lhelp in China is not that difficult.

But when it involves substantial booty Vietnamese girls, things are a little bit various.

Vietnamese womales have the right to be quite conservative in public. With this type of girl, coffee shops are method even more famous than bars and public display screen of affection is rare. However before, behind closed doors, they love sex and are very affectionate. They are likewise fairly traditional and like to look after their man. Big booty Vietnamese womales are different than Korean woguys bereason Vietnamese chicks love various other races while Korean chicks typically stick to their race!

Most girls in those youtube spots with substantial booty Eastern girls are actually Vietnamese. They are additionally not tatas well freaks choose Oriental women.

But on the other hand, all of these women that I stated (Chinese, Oriental, Vietnamese, or various other Oriental ghetto girls from that area) are attracted to gangsters. And no, you don’t have to be a gangster or drug dealer in order to get them, however you must be and look prefer a male, tough male, that will certainly trigger some sparks in them.

They are at the gym

All of these womales deserve to be found in the gym in any type of Asian area. Asian body is not naturally solid, they are commonly thin. For girls, in order to obtain a body via a huge ass, she really requirements to work-related for it. Asian womales via organic big booty are incredibly rare to find, I found that a lot of womales with natural substantial booty are Chinese.

But why would you treatment if it’s natural or if she operated for it in the gym?

If you are currently into fitness, try to go to one of the gyms in their part of the city and also you will certainly definitely uncover what you are trying to find.

When we talk around their surroundings, if a “ghetto” Oriental girl is in a long-term partnership, it’s usually via a beta Oriental guy that is simply a little bit tougher than his friends, however he will still be anywhere her, needy and desperate for her attention. So, Oriental men are not really a substantial competition. Yes, there are exceptions, however this is a general dominance, whether you agree via it or not.

If you are trying to find Eastern big booty girls exterior the US, your finest bet is, favor I stated previously, the Sichuan/Chongqing region in China and Northwestern Vietnam, especially districts favor Bắc Giang, Bắc Kạn, Cao Bằng and also Hà Giang.

And of course, if you are in China and also Vietnam you should absolutely go to the gym and also nightclubs.

How To Get Them


When it comes to casual sex, your best option is to look tough. In other words, masculine, solid chin and also a couple of tattoos. Being tall and also white additionally helps, but being white won’t assist you as a lot as it would certainly assist you in Asia. Oriental woguys in LA are not going to have actually her friends envy her for her white boyfrifinish given that white human being are not a rare commodity in the US as they are in Vietnam, for example.

On the various other hand,According to Wikipedia, many prevalent interracial marriage in the US is that in between a white husband and also an Eastern wife. That tells us that if you are white, you will certainly have better chances of seducing Eastern chicks than if you babsence or Mexideserve to.

Best means to approach them is to be arrogant and also to have actually some social status. Go out through your friends in the club and also be ready for a shit pack of shit-tests! She will certainly test you to understand if you are really challenging or simply act cool. Asian chicks love fun males, but Eastern chicks via big butts and also tattoos love difficult looking guys, and tright here is a huge distinction in between these 2.

They likewise respond well to the validation game. That suggests that you have to NOT give her your full attention. Almeans look busy and not impressed by her body, which is not easy of course, but if you put this girl on a pedestal, you will certainly never before sleep via her. This is true through a lot of women on this earth. But for some reason, ghetto Oriental chicks, or must I say Oriental women through more confidence and huge booty, are extremely drawn to males who simply sindicate don’t treatment about them at all or also treat them badly!

So, yes, they love to be treated favor dirt, particularly in bed. This doesn’t expect to insult them or anypoint favor that, this suggests that they respond exceptionally good when you ignore them for some time. Negging functions likewise.

If you, however, plan to acquire right into LTR with Big Booty Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, or Japanese girls, the ideal thing you deserve to have actually is not muscles or elevation, however money. Unfortunately, girls choose this are fairly gold diggers, and they will be heavily into you if you are semi-famous.

Even though divorce rate among Asian couples is the lowest in the US,anotherresource tells us that Oriental couples have the smallest divorce rate in the US, you should not forget that you are managing a different type of animal right here. They are most most likely not typical prefer other Eastern chicks, and also they are really hypergamous.

If you, however, manage to acquire typical big booty Oriental woguy, you simply hit a jackpot, congratulations! But be mindful, that innocent look deserve to trick you. It tricked many males.

Online game

Tbelow is an additional location to discover these woguys and also that is online. I tried through Tinder and I tried others. No luck. All girls that I matched were a skinny kind of Asians that simply choose money and standing over anything else.

However, tbelow is one application that I deserve to recommfinish as soon as you want to chat via as many big booty Asian chicks as you desire. And that application is Eastern Cupid.

Thank me later.

What To Dress

One point through Eastern girls is that you are 99% of the moment taller. Asian people are shorter in basic and when handling women it goes to your benefit.

But you shouldn’t sheight that or be ashamed around that. On the contrary, you want to put also even more attention to your distinctions. Why? Since that is what provides woguys horny, and let me tell you – Asian womales love taller guys!

So, what have the right to you make to look also taller? Well, I composed a nice overview on that over here.

But below are some examples of elevator shoes and also shoe inserts you deserve to think about:





Eastern womales with significant booty are rare, you have the right to find them in the Los Angeles area, close to Sacramento and also Fresno, or in mountainous areas in Southeast Asia, Sichuan or Chongqing in China or Bắc Giang, Bắc Kạn provinces in Vietnam, or you deserve to simply go to an Oriental club/gym and also discover them there.

They are not slutty as they look and also are attracted to tough looking males.

With this indevelopment alone, I have no doubt that you deserve to find one and also bang her. Being tall and also muscular help however if you are not, just being persistent and also arrogant is enough. If you think that you don’t deserve a chick favor that, you are not going to sleep with one. You have to be confident enough considering that girls choose this can sense inprotection from a mile away.

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Good news is that your competition is weak, most likely beta friend zoned wanna be gangsters Eastern guys. If you are Eastern yourself, focus on Korean and also Chinese girls, because they tfinish to sleep via “their own kind.”

Good luck and also I hope that you will certainly check out those butt cheeks bouncing on your body while listening to sexy Oriental moans in no time.