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SizeDog"s WeightSlip OnTie On

Large61-90 lbs


X-Large>90 lbs14.5"x9.25"N/A

Bandanas are handmade therefore there may be slim variation in sizing.

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This principle is an ext of a ‘Create your Own’ bandana. "Big Brother" will be excellent in white & deserve to be put on any kind of color fabric. Please feel totally free to send us an email BEFORE girlfriend order if you have actually a desire for a color or cloth not listed as an alternative or any type of custom requests

Due to lighting and differences in monitors, actual colors may vary contempt from what appears online.

Slip-on bandanas can be worn by slipping your dog"s collar v the opening in between the ago and prior of the bandana, then clipping the collar around your pup"s neck. Slip-ons require a collar and also cannot be tied approximately your dog"s neck.

Model Info

Gracie is a 70 pound gold Retriever pictured in a royal Blue bandana and is attract a dimension medium. Refer to the size guide over to recognize the appropriate sizing for your pet.

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 Bandanas because that the whole Family!

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Big brother Dog Bandana - Slip-On / X-Small

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Unique dog bandanas handmade simply for girlfriend in Marietta, GA!
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