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The 2017 big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament will certainly be held from march 8-12 at the Verizon facility in Washington D.C. As a conference, the huge Ten hasn’t been as solid as prior years, yet three the its peak teams could make deep operation in the NCAA Tournament.

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Purdue, a renaissance program in 2017, at this time paces the conference. Led through Caleb Swanigan, the odds-on favourite to end up being player of the year, Purdue is a tough protective team the can likewise shoot three-pointers v efficiency. Wisconsin, Maryland, Minnesota, and Northwestern will most likely round out the Top-5 seeds. All four have exhibited flashes that promise in ~ times, but have also fallen into slumps. Maryland, a team that hasn’t obtained a the majority of respect in the national polls, have the right to solidify itself as a contender by to win the huge Ten competition in our nation’s capital. With suggest guard Melo Trimble in ~ the helm, the Terrapins will be a tough out for any club.

As appears to constantly be the case, tickets because that the big Ten competition have been in high demand on the secondary market. In fact, every SessionBig Ten competition tickets start as high as $358 on 2175forals.com, while tickets to the Championship game on Sunday, in march 12, attribute a get-in price the $68.

The reigning huge Ten competition Champions, the Michigan State Spartans, are having a down season, but head coach Tom Izzo knows what it takes come energize his team. Likewise, Michigan is also having a rocky campaign, but a strong showing in the large Ten Tournament can propel the Wolverines right into the NCAA Tournament. The remainder of the large Ten tourney field, consisting of Iowa, Illinois, pen State, Nebraska, Ohio State, Indiana, and Rutgers, is mainly filled through non-contenders.

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The large Ten Tournament, for every intents and also purposes, is wide-open this year. Arguably, over there are 7 teams that might cut down the nets at the Verizon Center. The winner the the tournament will be guarantee an NCAA competition bid. Intend a most competitive gamings in a conference competition that features a lot of comparable teams.

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