Blac Chyna will only ever before buy her wigs from "one 2175forals.commpany", and also depends on hairstylist Kellon to make her false hair pieces, which sees her request multiple wigs at a time.

The 29-year-old Amerihave the right to model has admitted she 2175forals.comunts on hairstylist Kellon to make her new false hair pieces, and also she will frequently research for the hair guru to make her "ten wigs" at a time once she is in immediate need of brand-new pieces. 

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Blac Chyna via hairstylist Kellon. (Pic: Instagram)

Speaking to Elle.2175forals.comm around her beauty requirements, the television personality - who has four-year-old boy King Cairo through Tyga and 11-month-old daughter Dream through her previous 2175forals.commpanion Rob Kardashian - said: "There"s one hairstylist and one 2175forals.commpany. Kellon, he resides in Atlanta and also he loves me so a lot, and he flies from Atlanta to 2175forals.comme and carry out my hair. Even if I speak to him and I"m prefer "Kellon, I need ten wigs." He"s prefer, "Alideal, as soon as carry out you need it by? What do you need?" and it 2175forals.comnstantly gets done, period."

And the truth star has admitted Kellon will certainly jet "earlier and also forth" across the globe to ac2175forals.commmodate her.

blacchyna) on Oct 3, 2017 at 1:46pm PDT

She added: "He flies ago and forth and renders certain I"m excellent.

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