Oh, hey, i remember you! we met at the neighborhood-association conference last year. You dubbed me “girlfriend” a lot, and then later sent me a friend request, in addition to a message about getting lunch. (I’m sorry I never ever responded come that, through the way—things have actually just to be so crazy!)


I recognize you’re most likely busy, therefore I’ll do this quick. I’m composing to say thank you for the thoughtful short articles on mine Facebook page today. With just a few words and also thirteen image of black color babies and white babies holding hands, you’ve assisted me recognize race in a way that I, a black color woman, have actually never interpreted it before.

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Yesterday, once I mutual a short article that read, “Ask yourself if the white people in your life space allies or component of the problem,” I’ll admit that I originally considered transforming off the comments. Together you’ve no doubt noticed, it is too dirty arguments around racism and also police brutality room popping up almost everywhere social media this month, and people are losing friends both top top Facebook and I.R.L. Ns worried the problem-solving conversation couldn’t occur on the Internet, but you’ve showed me wrong.

Your an initial comment to be “Try no to usage words prefer ‘white’ due to the fact that racism harms all people.” Usually, unsolicited advice rubs me the dorn way, however I knew girlfriend had good intentions due to the fact that you included a smiley-face emoji. That small, yellow face told me that, finally, I’d uncovered someone ready to have actually the tough discussions in a civil manner. I took a deep breath, clicked “Reply,” and also prepared myself to discuss the centuries-long be suppressive of my human being with you, mine newfound confidante.

But before I could finish typing—another notification! This time, you’d common something straight on my page. As soon as I clicked the connect to find thirteen image of black babies and also white babies hold hands, i swear to you, I in reality gasped.

You see, my friend, I’ve had actually it every wrong! very first of all, i didn’t even know that black babies and also white babies can hold hands. Ns assumed the racism remained in their DNA from the moment of conception, making their tiny palms repel like corresponding poles on two magnets. A an ext stubborn person might say that these pictures were Photoshopped, but I’ve never been one to argue through conclusive evidence. You also took the moment to add the subtitle “Racism is taught,” a profound idea that will certainly forever alter the method I think about and comment on both racism and also babies.

Really, i can’t say thanks to you enough. Right here I was, relying ~ above my own lived experience in order to analyze race relations, when you had actual proof.

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P.S.: you might an alert that now no one can leave comments on my facebook page, but that is simply since I feeling there is nothing come add. Together, you and also I have actually figured this out.

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