Ceaser is the owner and also creator the the black Ink brand. Native its inception, Ceaser dreamy of transforming his company into one empire, and also he"s accomplishing his dream one shop at a time, v 10 shops open across the U.S. Though his realm is flourishing, he"s bring away a step back to refocus on his personal life in Atlanta v his new boo Suzette, and becoming the dad he"s constantly wanted to be. Will certainly his tough work pay turn off in his personal and skilled life?

Puma was a part of black color Ink at the really beginning, yet a falling-out through Ceaser led to poor blood between the longtime friends, and also Puma opened his very own tattoo shop Art2Ink. Ultimately, they to be able to squash your beef, and Puma juggles life v his mam Quani, their 2 kids and being a boss at black color Ink.

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Ted, born and also raised in the Bronx, first came to black Ink when he was trying to street himself native life on the streets. Due to the fact that then, he"s always kept one eye out for his cousin Ceaser. Ted"s duty at black color Ink has actually increased end the years, from shop manager come VP of work -- and also now, president. After his partnership with Tatti walk south, he had actually to work with an additional ex at the shop. Has actually he finally resolved down with the love of his life?

After struggling with some of her coworkers, Tatti has imposed a new Zen personality. Her relationships in the shop have grown, and also she is no much longer looked at as the negative guy. Now that she"s turned end a brand-new leaf, will certainly she have the ability to juggle every her responsibilities?

Young Bae relocated to new York City in 2007, leave behind an abusive father and a daunting home life in south Korea. With just $73 to her name, she do ends satisfy by taking any kind of job that came her method -- and also she eventually used she street smarts and charm to land a project as a tattoo artist, despite never having tattooed in she life. Along with becoming a effective artist, Bae puts family first as she concentrates on raising her child Niko.

Newcomer and Brooklyn aboriginal Spyder is the cover-up tattoo king and also the confront of the black color Ink Brooklyn shop. Top top a search to become heir to Ceaser"s throne, this Brooklynite is working toward the command artist spot at the shop. Will certainly Spyder"s hustle and drive compensation him the crown of command artist? Or will certainly his bridge-and-tunnel bravado prove to be his downfall?
After a rocky begin at black Ink, Krystal made amends v the ladies of the shop. Hailing native the Bronx, Krystal is seriously expert at tattooing. She"s additionally secretly been working on pursuing her desires of ending up being a rapper and also getting signed come a major label. Krystal"s brand-new relationship with a fellow tattoo artist is blooming, yet will she have the ability to balance work and her personal life?
Rok, a talented and heartfelt artist, is back and all set to do a surname for himself in the black color Ink world. After ~ the disastrous passing the his father three years ago, Rok is do the efforts to compete at the 125th shop if balancing family life. Choose Krystal, Rok has a behind-the-scenes partnership that he"s bursting at the seams come tell the civilization about. Will his secret relationship gain in the means of his dreams? will certainly Rok it is in able success in the shop and also in his relationship?
Alex is well-known for two things: being among the finest tattoo artists in brand-new York and also killing it through the ladies. However after getting along with Donna, he decided to end up being a one-woman man. Alex has overcome a variety of obstacles to acquire to a good place in life, including an estranged father and also a ago injury sustained during a black color Ink brawl that virtually ended his career.
Donna"s dream was to occupational at black Ink, for this reason this Cleveland-born girl packed she bags and also said goodbye to the Midwest. After many ups and also downs through Ceaser, the 2 finally came to a shared respect and understanding. She"s in a long-term relationship with fellow tattoo artist Alex, but her anger and also conflict in ~ the shop threaten every little thing she"s worked for.
Walt was a mainstay at black Ink indigenous the really beginning. Though often captured in the center of shop feuds, he attempted to save the peace between his friends. Walt ultimately had his very own place and also a an excellent relationship with his kids, and things appeared to be acquisition a rotate for the better, however allegations at the 125th shop led to a significant rift through Ceaser and also the remainder of the crew.
Since the opening of Art2Ink in brand-new York, Puma"s wife Quani, their daughter Tamia, and their youngest boy Zaiden have been supporting Puma together he embarks top top his new adventure. Together Quani juggles motherhood and her career, she realizes she wants a slower, an ext suburban lifestyle for their children. Will Quani to convince Puma that it"s time to leave brand-new York?
Miss Kitty offered as black color Ink"s brand ambassador. The D.C. Indigenous is as dull as lock come -- and when points don"t walk her way, she"s not one to earlier down. As miss Kitty focused on pass celebrity clientele come the shop, rumors around a partnership with Ceaser"s foe Ryan from black Ink Crew Chicago brought about her being fired and fractured several of she friendships among the crew. She climate went to work-related at 2nd City squid in Chicago while Charmaine was on maternity leave.
One thing"s because that sure: wherever the artist previously known as O" S**t goes, trouble is certain to follow. Whether breaking increase fights through his infant mamas or being in the wrong place at the dorn time, O"S**t"s life is always interesting. Born in the Bronx and also raised in brand-new York and also South Carolina, O" S**t is a previous college athlete, who tore his ACL early in his sports career. His injury ended his football career, and he turned to his love the art. For O" S**t, tattooing is all about the art. O" S**t"s struggle with substance use has actually been a difficult one because that him, but after gaining sober in California and also meeting the love of his life there, O"S**t has a new outlook top top life and a new name: Richard.
Born and also raised in Florida, Melody relocated to new York to meet her dream of being a effective artist in the huge city. Melody"s eclectic personality draws in every sorts that clients, from drag kings to the girl following door. While her imaginative style is realistic, she tattoos regularly express spiritual themes that serve as sources of stamin for her clients. She bring a new perspective come the crew, and also she isn"t afraid to to speak what anyone else is thinking.
Jadah Blue is the life the the party, but cross she the not correct way, and she will placed up a fight -- ~ all, she is a former boxer. As soon as Jadah enters a room, she has heads turning, and also by the time she leaves, everyone knows that she is. Jadah has actually a spitfire personality and is rapid to placed everyone in your place.
Tokie relocated to brand-new York native Houston. She"s bubbly and hard-working, and also she desires nothing an ext than to become a tattoo apprentice. After seeing she body repaint skills, Ceaser established that she might be able to tattoo one day, however the shop required a receptionist an ext than anything. Tokie should prove it s her to Ceaser and the crew prior to moving increase the ladder.
Raised in Dallas, Kevin moved to brand-new York to fulfill a life time goal of being a tattoo artist in the city. With 5 brothers and sisters, Kevin always looked for ways to stand out. In high school, he made his clothing to separate himself indigenous the crowd and also eventually enrolled at the arts Institute in Dallas where he specialty in fashion design. That left the program as soon as a friend asked the to offer him a tattoo one night, and also after that, Kevin never looked back. Kevin bring a fresh swag to black color Ink v his signature photorealism style and loves the tattoo medium because his client wear his art. Don"t confused Kevin"s Southwest charm because that being slow-paced -- he"s always ready to turn up and also join the party.
Dutchess is a southern belle, a Daddy"s girl, and also a pressure to it is in reckoned with. Due to the fact that graduating in ~ the top of her class and also earning a service degree, Dutchess has been taking the world by storm. Whether it"s a modeling gig in Paris or tattooing celebrities, Dutchess always has her eye on the prize. Dutchess was once engaged to black color Ink boss Ceaser, and also she made part boss moves of her own by opened a tattoo shop in she hometown the Charlotte, phibìc Carolina.
Sky is black color Ink"s quick-witted and fiery manager. Born and raised in Harlem, skies brings the real to the shop. She isn"t fear to speak the truth, and though the sometimes reasons her trouble, what sky brings to the table is always genuine. Though she"s invested time working on boosting her family, Sky proceeds to an obstacle herself to come to be a far better woman, a far better mother and also an entrepreneur. With half of her emphasis in Miami farming her brand and also Her Little mystery Boutique, Sky proceeds to run Black Ink"s HR. Through all that"s on her plate, Sky worries that all she"s excellent to bring the household together will autumn apart as soon as her sons start spending more time together, and Des move in with his enlarge brother.
Tiffany Perez to be born and also raised in new Jersey and started tattooing in ~ the period of 21 after her father bought her a tattoo gun for she birthday. Dutchess originally prevented Tiffany from functioning at black color Ink, but that didn"t avoid her. She came back ready come prove her worth, and also she refuse to permit Dutchess, or anyone rather in the shop, host her earlier again.
Born and also raised down the block from black color Ink, Sassy walks the walk and also talks the talk. Whether it is modeling for urban Ink newspaper or helping the end backstage at a fashion show, Sassy"s style and magnetic energy draw civilization her way. Also though she left the shop, she stayed loyal to her girlfriend Puma and also eventually came ago to aid out as soon as he rejoined the crew.
A Dominican-American elevated in the Bronx, Kathie is a writer, painter and also advocate for meditation and also self-enlightenment. She is devoted to her kid Achilles and also ensures that Achilles"s father O"S**t is maintaining up v his dad duties. Kathie teaches self-awareness and healing through miscellaneous Eastern spirituality practices.
A veteran artist, Naeem"s reputation proceeds him. Originally from Detroit, Naeem specialization in realism and portraits in ~ Puma"s Art2Ink shop. Naeem has actually a daughter through his girl friend Alexis. His daughter adjusted his life, and now every Naeem"s emphasis is on offering a better life for his child. Naeem is specialized to his craft and strives to it is in the finest tattoo artist in the game.
Raised in Brooklyn, Art2Ink"s Phoenix had actually a turbulent childhood, constantly moving from residence to home. Despite his tumultuous past, Phoenix was influenced to go after a an ext legit career in tattooing after the bear of his daughter. He wants to provide his five children the childhood he never ever had.

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As the former receptionist of black color Ink, Alex brought that fire come the shop. Alex has an opinion about everything, i beg your pardon is why she and Ceaser were constantly butting top on concerns of artist style. Together a next hustle, Alex models in various publications and has graced the cover of both Inked and Urban Ink.