How to Level Up quick in black Ops – call of Duty Blops Leveling guide version 1.3 by oTradeMark

To prestige, or no to prestige.. The is the question.

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even if it is ‘tis nobler in the game to suffer The nades and bullets that outrageous 12 year olds, Or to take it arms against a sea the AK74 users, And, through opposing, end them. Come die, come sleep

If you have played call of Duty black Ops Multiplayer really much you have most likely reached the rank of commander and unlocked the 5 star emblem alongside your gamertag. If you are familiar with vault COD titles you will additionally know the this doesn’t have to be the end of the roadway for her leveling journey.

That is since in call of Duty black color Ops you have the selection to enter prestige mode. Entering prestige mode in contact of Duty resets your existing level and also weapon set back to level 1 in exchange for unlocking a new emblem next to your gamertag in addition to extra custom course slots, playertags, and other bonus functions of the multiplayer game.

Some of you might have already played 10+ job in black color Ops and you might already be a 15th call level 50 player. If the is the case, congratulations. Yes, really the just thing the is required to reach the reputation 15 in black color Ops is time. No issue how negative you are, if friend play sufficient you room bound to get there eventually.

But because that those the you who don’t have actually as lot time together you would choose to play black color Ops and also yet still want to reap the rewards the the later prestige levels have to offer, i have developed a black color Ops leveling guide just because that you.

Now simply a preface top top myself. Ns am married and have 2 youngsters (1 boy and 1 girl). When I’m not functioning or spending time v my family, I enjoy playing sporting activities & video clip games. Because I don’t have as much time to play now as ns did as soon as I was a solitary college college student I need a means to level quickly and also efficiently. That’s where this overview comes in. This overview is a arsenal of the points I have learned when leveling in contact of Duty black Ops and also it is what assisted me call in at some point playing just 50 games during the last twin XP weekend! Enjoy!

Why have to I prestige?

OK, first off let’s talk about the benefits of start prestige mode as outlined below. The very first 10 prestiges nothing unlock anything as well as a brand-new prestige emblem and an extra custom class slot every various other prestige. Starting at reputation 11 girlfriend unlocked extr face tattoos to use on your in video game character. In ~ prestige 13 you unlock the capability to readjust the shade of your clan tag and at prestige 14 friend unlock the capacity to purchase gold camouflage for your tools (50,000 ko Cash a piece). Finally, reputation 15 unlocks the call Pure playlist, a playlist that matches 15th call players against other 15th reputation players, and likewise entering prestige 15 unlocks the just animated playercard lift in the game. Listed below is a chart to show what is unlocked at every prestige:

Prestige LevelUnlocks
Prestige 1Custom class 6, call Leaderboards & Playlist
Prestige 3Custom class 7
Prestige 5Custom course 8
Prestige 7Custom class 9
Prestige 9Custom course 10
Prestige 11Face Tattoos
Prestige 13Clan tags Colors
Prestige 14Golden Camo for guns (50,000 CP per)
Prestige 15Prestige Pure Playlist, man Playercard Background

The 15 call emblems that will certainly be situated next to your gamertag at every prestige are presented below. My referral for friend is to look in ~ the emblems and also unlocks the you will gain for each prestige and decide if it is precious it for you come prestige. I personally favor entering prestige mode due to the fact that I enjoy the satisfaction the leveling up and also unlocking things as i play, however a lot of of world don’t care around extra emblems or golden camos, in which case I would recommend just staying in ~ level 50 and also hording massive quantities of ko cash for everyone to see.


How lengthy is this going to take?

If you have actually weighed the pros and cons of beginning prestige mode and want to acquire through your prestige levels as rapid as possible let me rundown the time the is going to require to reach max prestige.

Leveling is based turn off of endure earned while playing the game. Every time you carry out something the helps your team you are rewarded with experience. For instance getting a kill, recording a point, or defusing a bomb will certainly all earn you experience.

Aside indigenous the things you do in video game you are also rewarded because that completing details challenges and contracts that can be to buy in game. On height of the the video game rewards you v a bonus XP multiplier whenever you win a game.

Leveling increase in speak to of Duty even when utilizing the tips in this guide is tho a prolonged process. Relying on the ability of you and also your team it can take anywhere from 10-20 hrs of in video game time played to level v all 50 levels of a prestige. The is typically about 100-200 completed gamings at approximately 15 minutes every match.

If girlfriend can complete 50 levels in ~ 16 hrs of video game time played you room leveling at really fast pace. I simply reached 14th call in 8 days and also 8 hours of video game time played, Which method I have actually gone v all 50 levels 14 times with an mean of 14 video game time hours per prestige.

The contact of Duty black Ops Leveling System

First of all, to understand just how to level easily you should understand how the black Ops leveling mechanism works. There room 50 levels in a prestige, each level inquiry exponentially more experience than the one before. I have contained a table listed below to show you precisely how lot experience is needed to reach each level and the percent of the prestige the is completed when you reach the level.

As you have the right to see the full amount the experience crucial to call is around 1.25 million XP. As soon as you reach level 25 you are actually just 18% of the method through the prestige experience wise, therefore the an initial 25 levels room going to go by much much faster than the last 25 levels.

LevelRank TitleMin XPXP come Next% Complete
4Private an initial Class270021000.21%
5Private very first Class480027000.38%
6Private first Class750034000.59%
16Staff Sergeant76000118006.02%
17Staff Sergeant87800129006.95%
18Staff Sergeant100700140007.98%
19Sergeant an initial Class114700151009.09%
20Sergeant an initial Class1298001620010.28%
21Sergeant first Class1460001740011.56%
22Sergeant Major1634001860012.94%
23Sergeant Major1820001980014.42%
24Sergeant Major2018002100015.98%
34Lieutenant Colonel4700003430037.23%
35Lieutenant Colonel5043003570039.94%
36Lieutenant Colonel5400003720042.77%
40Brigadier General6978004320055.27%
41Brigadier General7410004480058.69%
42Brigadier General7858004640062.24%
43Major General8322004800065.92%
44Major General8802004960069.72%
45Major General9298005120073.65%
46Lieutenant General9810005290077.70%
47Lieutenant General10339005460081.89%
48Lieutenant General10885005630086.22%
PrestigeCommander (Maxed)1262500100.00%

How to earn experience

The an initial thing the you must understand around leveling in black color ops is how you knife experience. Once you enter a game of black color Ops you room rewarded for the work you finish in game. Recording objectives, killing enemies, assisting teammates, and calling in killstreaks space all examples of in game achievements that you have the right to do to earn experience. However aside indigenous the noticeable ways the earning suffer there are additionally several next challenges, contracts, and bonuses the can help you on your way.

Match Bonuses

Match bonus XP is exerience earned once you complete whole match. If you leave during a game you forfeit this complement bonus (which is a bad quit penalty to to speak the least). Your enhance bonus is established by your existing level, the size of the complement and also if friend win, lose or tie the match. Your complement bonus is multiplied by 1 for a win, 0.5 because that a loss, and also 0.75 because that a tie.

In other words, winning is very important to leveling up quickly, which brings me come my first suggestion. Constantly play through a team. Her team doesn’t need to be complete of MLG caliber players. Friend just have to have share common goal of going ~ the objective and also playing clever in order to win many of her games. If you already have a group of civilization that friend play with that’s great. If you don’t, ns recommend getting associated on part gaming forums or tryout for a clan to obtain some girlfriend online. You deserve to even include players to her console friend list directly from your current players. If you space playing the game and also get suitable up with some an excellent players that you enjoyed playing through send castle a article and shot to start up a party together. Few of the human being I right now play v the many are simply players I obtained matched up v randomly online and really delighted in playing with.


COD challenges are specific tasks that you need to complete in bespeak to knife a set amount the experience. There room two straightforward types of challenges in black color Ops. Revolution challenges and Progressive challenges.

Static difficulties are difficulties that girlfriend only need to complete once and also you will certainly earn the experience for that entire prestige. For example did you understand that you will earn 5000 XP simply for earning a bankshot medal (bounce a tomahawk turn off a surface for a kill)?

Progressive difficulties on the other hand are challenges that you finish over time, such as the marksman total challenge. The marksman gun challenge is a an obstacle for every pistol in the game that earns you suffer as you acquire kills v a details weapon. There are different levels the this difficulty which earn you an ext XP because that every level completed.

All difficulties reset once you prestige except the lifetime challenges. Lifetime obstacles are generic difficulties that you occupational on when playing any mode in multiplayer and also do not reset when you prestige.


Contracts space in game bounties which you acquisition with cod points and also reward girlfriend with added cod points and experience. Contract are established by Treyarch and also switched every 24 hrs to allow more variety top top the species of challenges you can complete.

I to be surprised to find out how countless players nothing actually acquisition contracts. Ns guess they don’t think that completing those challenges will knife them an extremely much endure or assist them in their leveling, but I to be at reputation 13 and also have earned over 700,000 XP on contracts alone, much more than half of one prestige all together.

Always try to buy contracts the co-operate through each other. For instance get 50 kills through an SMG + record 3 flags in CTF. Produce an SMG runner class and also go play part CTF. Or maybe there is a stab 2 human being in the ago with ninja contract and a get 75 kills with the famas contract. Equip ghost & ninja and a silenced famas and go to work-related on the various other team.

Finally, don’t buy contract that room going to reason you to perform poorly in a game. There can be a 1000 XP contract for acquiring 50 kills while making use of the ACOG and also Extended Mags top top a gun however if girlfriend suck while making use of a poor class setup you room going to end up losing an ext than 1000 XP from missed kills and frustrating games/losses.

Game types

Let me preface this ar by saying that gaming is intended to it is in fun. If girlfriend don’t enjoy a video game type, don’t play it. That being said, over there are many game varieties within black color Ops for you to choose from and some that them offer a distinct leveling advantage over others the I will cover v you now.


The faster game type to level within as soon as playing with a to win team is Headquarters. Headquarters is an objective game form where 2 teams fight over a particular area. Once the area is managed by one team they come to be the defenders of that area, and also the the contrary team becomes the attackers of the area. The attackers are trying to rest the HQ by killing the enemy team and regaining control of the area. As soon as your team captures the HQ, girlfriend only have actually 1 life and also if you die you will not respawn until the foe team division that HQ.

Headquarters earns your whole team 50 endure for every 5 seconds that you have actually the HQ controlled. The video game ends after 20 minute or ~ a team controls the HQ because that 250 secs total. 50 XP for every 5 seconds that you manage the HQ transforms out to it is in 2500 XP every player top top the win team not including task particular bonuses choose kills, captures, challenges and also contracts.

It is not unusual for football player to earn 10,000 XP for one game of Headquarters, in fact I was able to earn 44,451 suffer for one game of Headquarters alone! (That is like leveling through all of level 41 in one game!)


The second fastest game form to level through is probably Search and also Destroy. S&D is a one life bomb based game type which is played in ring (Best the end of 7). The main advantage of S&D is the you knife a ton of endure for kills and also objectives when playing. A death in S&D is worth 500 XP, an aid is precious 250 XP, and a tree or defuse is worth 500 XP. Together you have the right to see if you had actually a really great round and also killed all 6 players plus planted/defused the bomb you would earn at least 3500 XP in that round alone. The downside to playing S&D is that it deserve to be a double edged sword. If girlfriend are negative at S&D and also don’t get an extremely many kills/plants/defuses you will hardly earn any type of experience and end up simply watching other players because that the bulk of the game.

I personally don’t choose Search and Destroy because I often tend to sirloin a lot and die beforehand to a strategically inserted claymore or frag grenade however some of mine friends almost exclusively play S&D and also level really well as soon as they pat it. One more thing to mention about S&D. Search and also destroy offers round bonuses not complement bonuses and the round bonus multipliers are bigger than in any kind of other video game type. (x2 because that a win, x1.5 for a tie, and x1 because that a loss)

All various other gametypes

Now all the other game species have your pros and cons. In truth I enjoy playing a range of game species when leveling up as it keeps points fresh and enables for various play styles relying on the game. Yet I would reserve every the various other game types for situational circumstances only.

For example, if there is a demolition contract to win 1 game without permitting the various other team come detonate a point, walk ahead and also spend 10 minutes completing that. That is precious it in the long run. Also, there space game form specific challenges that have the right to be completed as soon as you unlock them. Because that example, walk you know that you will certainly earn 3000 XP because that completing 2 difficulties just by winning 2 games of sabotage in under 2 minutes? (Sabotage is among the fastest game species out there once you have a great team)

There space also specific challenges that room much much easier to finish on particular game types. For example, every one of the last killcam obstacles are much easier to obtain when playing totally free for all. Because FFA ends at 30 kills just race to 29 kills through your best weapon and also then call in every one of your killstreaks in ~ the end to shot to acquire the final killcam with your killstreak. Each last killcam an obstacle is precious 2500XP, that is a really quick way to acquire some substantial XP at later levels.

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Class setups & weapons

Class setups are extremely important to leveling up quickly. One of the greatest mistakes players make when trying to level up quickly is that they choose a weapon and perk setup the they enjoy and also stick v it through an entire prestige. Not only does this it seems ~ boring come me, it likewise leads to a entirety slew of potential suffer that you are absent out on. I am walk to synopsis the key ways in which you earn experience through your course setups below:

Weapon Challenges

Each main weapon in the video game has 2 an easy weapon challenges, the marksman difficulty (kills) & the expert difficulty (headshots). These challenges are steady in the you begin off top top tier 1 with just 10 kills forced to earn 250XP and also then each tier the quantity of kills compelled to complete and the XP rewarded increases. Looking at the chart listed below you deserve to see the the XP per kill is the finest at 1000 kills every weapon. Weapon species and weapon attachments additionally have a comparable tier challenge. Weapon varieties reach it’s optimal XP per kill at 2000 Kills and weapon attachments with their peak at 1000 kills.