It seems to me the \"leading edge\" is the an ext established phrase, when \"bleeding edge\" is basically the exact same thing but the user has adjusted the phrase for extra (rather meaningless) emphasis.

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Or is over there a meaningful distinction between the two?



There is, in fact, a distinction.

Leading edge in this sense, way cutting edge. It refers to the most extremely sophisticated advance in a field. However, it rarely or never has the connotation of risky or untested. The is practically always used to explain the best; not necessarily the newest.

Bleeding edge would refer to a advance that is so new that it can have a high threat of gift unreliable and may incur greater cost in bespeak to usage it:

Bleeding edge: A pun top top \"leading edge.\" It indicates that using the latest technology is often risky since it has not been tested with sufficient users and also may not do as expected. Presenting an advanced product or company is likewise risky because the user community may no be prepared for the or really want it.

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+1 I'd never ever heard bleeding leaf before. Many thanks for enlightening me.
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There is a slight semantic difference here.

Leading edge advert to civilization or things who are the foremost or the finest in a technology, science, art, skill, etc.

Bleeding edge additionally refers come this truth of gift in the foremost, however the difference between bleeding edge and leading edge, is that bleeding edge is risky. Leading edge is no risky. Bleeding edge is. For example:

Bleeding edge an innovation refers to modern technology that is so new that it might have a high threat of being unreliable and also may incur greater price in order to use it.

PC Encyclopedia specifies bleeding edge:

A pun ~ above \"leading edge.\" It means that using the latest an innovation is frequently risky since it has actually not been tested with sufficient users and also may not carry out as expected. Presenting an progressed product or company is likewise risky due to the fact that the user ar may no be ready for it or really desire it

Note just how it\"s acquired from leading edge.

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Leading edge is a term for being in the forefront of a field. The term probably comes from the leading edge of one airfoil or comparable body in aerodynamics. Bleeding edge is a beat on leading edge, referring to the high threat of leading edge an innovation failing or encountering problems.

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In the paper definition of social adjust rather than technology, \"leading edge\" ideas are extensively accepted, with supporters receiving accolades. If \"bleeding edge\" principles are no yet so commonly accepted and proponents bleed, metaphorically, together a result, also if the principle is adopted and becomes top edge in ~ a later on date.Thus, a very big difference in between leading edge and bleeding edge.

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James WeatherfordJames Weatherford
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