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##——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————#Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 20:42:28 —0500From: Roseanne Price Subject: CHORDS by SoundgardenBLOW up THE outside WORLD>From the album down on the UpsideI obtained the chords for many of this off some Soundgarden tab page, and Ifigured the remainder out. This is a really simple song, so enjoy your wackyselves.Intro—E C E C E C E CE C E C E E7 D CNothing appears to kill me no issue how tough I tryF# B GNothing"s closing mine eyesC A7 F# B A F#Nothing can bring me under for your pain or delightE C E C E E7 D CAnd nothing appears to rest me no issue how difficult I fallF# B GNothing have the right to break me in ~ allC A7 F# ANot one for giving up though not invincible i knowA C BI"ve given every little thing I require I"d offer you every little thing I own G C#m AI"d give in if it could at least be our aloneA C F#I"ve given whatever I could to punch it away and gone E CBurrow under in and also blow increase the outsideE CBlow up the outsideE C E DBlow up the exterior worldE C E CSomeone tried come tell me somethingE E7 D CDon"t allow the world carry you downF# B GNothing have the right to do me in before I perform myselfCA7F#ASo save it for your own and the ones you can help uh huh(Chorus)(Then comes the solo...just improvise on E)_A C A D6 desire to do it understoodA C A D6Trying though I never ever wouldA C A E CTrying though I understand it"s wrongA D6 A E CBlowing that away and also goneA D6 A E CWishing despite I never ever couldA D6 A E CBlow increase the exterior E CBlow up the external E CBlow up the external worldEEEblow up the exterior blow increase the external blow up...etc.E—0221000 C—X32010 E7—020100—————————|F#—244322 B—X24442 G—320030——————————|A7—X02020 A—X02220 C#m—X46654—|D6—XX0230D—XXO323Tabbed the end by Matt Price of silver- Spring, Maryland