Bob Marley here tells a story from the allude of view of a narrator that admits to having killed the neighborhood sheriff, and also claims to be falsely accused of having killed the deputy… check out More 

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I shooting the sheriffBut i didn't shoot no deputy, oh no, ohI shooting the sheriffBut ns didn't shoot no deputy, ooh, ooh, oohYeah, all approximately in my residence townThey're make the efforts to track me down, yeahThey speak they want to lug me in guiltyFor the killing of a deputyFor the life of a deputyBut ns sayOh, now, now, ohI shooting the sheriff, the sheriffBut ns swear it remained in self-defense, oh noOoh, ooh, ooh, yeahI say, ns shot the sherriff, five LordAnd they to speak it is a capital offense, yeahOoh, ooh, ooh, yeahSheriff john Brown always hated meFor what, i don't knowEvery time ns plant a seedHe stated kill it prior to it growHe stated kill them prior to they growAnd so, and soRead that in the news
I shot the sheriff, five LordBut i swear it remained in self-defenseWhere was the deputy? Ooh, ooh, oohI say, ns shot the sheriffBut i swear it was in self-defense, yeahOoh-oohFreedom came my way one dayAnd I began out the town, yeahAll of a suddenly I witnessed Sheriff john BrownAiming to shoot me downSo i shot, i shot, i shot that down and I sayIf ns am guilty I will pay (pay, pay, pay, pay, pay)I shooting the sheriffBut i say, however I didn't shoot no deputyI didn't shoot no deputy, oh no, ooh, ooh, oohI shot the sheriff, ns didBut i didn't shoot no deputy, ohOoh, ooh, oohReflexes had actually the much better of meAnd what is come be must beEvery job the bucket a-go a wellOne job the bottom a-go drop outOne work the bottom a-go autumn out
I sayI-I-I, i shot the sheriffLord, i didn't shooting the deputy, noYeah, I-I shooting the sheriffBut ns didn't shooting no deputy, yeah, so, yeah
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Bob Marley below tells a story native the point of watch of a narrator that admits to having actually killed the regional sheriff, and also claims to it is in falsely accused of having killed the deputy .

This tune was very first released in 1973 on The Wailers" album Burnin". Marley defined his intention together follows:

I want to say ‘I shooting the police’ yet the federal government would have actually made a fuss for this reason I stated ‘I shooting the sheriff’ instead… yet it’s the very same idea: justice."

In an alternate interpretation, a 1975 1 minute 52 2nd interview was taped onto his posthumous album, Talkin" Blues (track 20). Over there he tells the story of farming up in Trenchtown, Jamaica where guys would try to fight him, and he supplied that to write a song. That did not fight the man, that sought the end the reason why the male was angry, the shot the real problem of why the man was upset (the sheriff) , and not the man (the deputy).


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Burnin’ (1973)
Bob Marley & The Wailers
I shoot the Sheriff
Written By
Bob Marley
Island records & Tuff Gong
Bass Guitar
Aston “Family Man” Barrett
Earl “Wire” Lindo
Carlton “Carlie” Barrett
Vocals, Percussion
Bunny Wailer
Guitar, Vocals
Bob Marley
Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Peter Tosh
Phill Brown & Tony Platt
Recorded At
Harry J's record Studio
Release Date
April 1, 1973
Sampled In
Fight the power by Public Enemy, i shot the Sheriff by Absztrakkt & La del bar by Core T.B.
Interpolated By
Turnin’ Me on (Remix) by Keri Hilson (Ft. Lil Wayne & T-Pain)
Cover By
I shot the Sheriff by Warren G (Ft. Nanci Fletcher), i Shot the Sheriff by Eric Clapton, ns Shot the Sheriff by Voodoo Glow Skulls, ns Shot the Sheriff by The Hobos, ns Shot The Sheriff by Inner Circle & i Shot the Sheriff by UB40 (Ft. DJ Beniton, Marvin Priest & Maxi Priest)
Performed Live As
I shooting The Sheriff (Live) by Bob Marley & The Wailers

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